4 Ways Shopify Custom Apps Can Benefit Your Business

If you own a Shopify store and are wondering why traffic is not coming to your store then we have a solution – build a custom shopify app. This will benefit you in various ways. Here I have mentioned some of them.

4 Ways Shopify Custom Apps Can Benefit Your Business

What is the difference between private apps and custom apps on Shopify? I am guessing this might be the first question you might want to know the answer to. So, let us start with the differences. Developers create Private apps for your Shopify store, but the app can only work in your stores. On the other hand, Custom apps can be moved to the Shopify App Store as a public app if the client wishes to do so. And as the name suggests, custom Shopify apps are built exclusively for your Shopify Store.

Store Owners need to contact a third-party developer to create an app for your Shopify store with all your required features. In short, custom apps are built for your store, which you can choose to share in public, but private apps are built for you and you only. Now that we know what makes custom apps different let’s dive into what it has got to offer the Shopify store owners.

1. Solve Specific Problems

As mentioned before, custom apps are built to address a company’s specific needs. With specific needs, I also mean that the custom app solves the specific issues of a company that may occur only in that particular company. Here, you can choose to opt for either public apps or non-app solutions.

Public apps are made for the masses, so their features will mostly address the majority of what every company needs. This method is the easiest to set in your system, so if you have negotiable problems of business operations or can find other hacks to solve them, then public apps are best. But I would suggest you opt for non-app solutions. It is altered with specific coding according to your company. It may seem difficult in the beginning, but it will do wonders in the long run. You just need Shopify custom app development company to help you with the over-all customization.

2. One-Time Purchase

“Subscription or One-time payment?” is an old argument that has never-ending debates going on from business and customer perspectives. Subscription is a popular payment method for public apps where one needs to pay a specific amount at specific intervals. On the other hand, a one-time payment is a popular payment method when we talk about custom apps. You need to pay the developer a specific (mostly more than the subscription fees) amount of money up-front, but never again. For instance, you can pay $20 for a month which sums up to $240 a year, or else you can pay $1000 for the rest of your life.

So, when it comes to Shopify custom apps, you will not have to pay the monthly fees, you can explain the features to the developer, and they will give you an app for life. This is always a convenient option while opting for custom apps, as you will need the app to function for life, and paying for it every month would only add to your expenses. Going for a one-time subscription is a cheap deal when choosing custom apps. Shopify has the policy of one-time payment which makes it easy to have your custom app on Shopify medium.

3. Direct Technical Support

Shopify Store owners might not be coding or programming experts. They generally are business people, which means that even if they know how to code, they will have to focus on other things like products, staff, marketing, etc. And there are many such business owners who are in dire need of developers to develop or maintain their apps. But naturally, it is difficult to manage ample requests with less development force. However, if you have a custom app, the chances of you always being prioritized by the developers are higher.

The company you got your app developed will always take custom apps requests as their priority as you have trusted them with your specific requirements. Your requests will be solved by the developers who made your app or by an experienced person resulting in an effective solution. They will assist you till you are satisfied with your app and its features. They will also assist you on using your app’s features to the best.

4. Better Performance and Security

Custom apps provide the utmost benefits you can get from an app to enhance your customer experience and to increase your sales. When an app is built for you, it will naturally be optimized in such a way that your company can effectively take all the advantage of it. Not only features but speed and functions are also made better in custom apps to suit your business pace and clients. Plus, we all know that lack of security is the worst thing you can do for your company.

So, in custom apps, you also get security as per your servers and platform. Developers will need to deploy a separate server from Shopify for storing it, and only developers will have the access to edit any security settings. The probability of data breach lessens to almost null here. Custom apps are known for providing better performance and enhanced security for apps. The developers also update the security settings as per new technologies and changes in laws. They ensure that your security is top-notch, is protected from any data breaching activities, and is also strictly following the latest security laws.


Instead of relying on apps for your business growth that are not tailored according to your app, you should opt for a specific solution that caters to your company’s needs and goals. You will just need a good Shopify application development company that can help you with developing your custom app. Additionally, since the apps are tailored according to you, they will be efficient for your business purpose. Ensure that the company provides good customer support and consistent updates to power your store with advanced technologies and features.

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