5 Best Statistics Books To Hone Your Skills

We all use statistics in our day-to-day life, so it is important to learn statistical skills to grow by leaps and bounds. But the problem is statistics is not that easy, although it is a tough part of mathematics.

Due to mathematical concepts, most people are afraid to learn statistics; however, with full dedication and consistency, you can rock this field and make your statistics career. Statistics concepts and techniques are widely used in various fields, and jobs in statistics pay well to the employees.

Well, there are numerous ways to learn statistical methods such as youtube, courses, Coursera, Udemy etc. But the concern is how we can learn statistics to rule the profession. We will guide you through the books by experts in statistics.

So, in this blog, we will introduce you to the 5 best statistics books that will help you learn. These books cater to the demand of the learners, and they can start their journey from beginning to advanced level.

5 Best Books of Statistics

1. Statistics

Writer- Robert S. Witte and John S. Witte

This book is best for beginners and will help you to clear your basics of statistics. All the chapters are well organized in this book, and the language is easy to read.

So, if you are a beginner and looking for statistical help, this book is highly recommended for you. This writer has covered all the concepts from basic to advanced level in a simple and understandable language.

After reading this book, you will be able to deal with interpretation, hypothesis, variation of coefficient, and correlation.

2. Statistics for business and Economics

Writer- James T. McClave, P. George Benson, and Terry T Sincich

More than one writer compiles this book, and they share their experience in this book. All the writers of this book are experts in their field and have achieved a high degree of statistics.

Apart from this, it consists of real-world examples, data and also offers back exercises for the aspirants who want to learn statistics. Moreover, a beginner can understand the language of this book very well.

3. Barron’s Ap Statistics

Writer- Martin Sternstein(Ph.D)

This book is one of the best books on statistics, and a mathematician has written it. As mathematics and statistics are together like body and soul, the author explained the mathematical concepts useful for statistics.

Barron’s Ap Statistics consists of 15 chapters covering every aspect of statistics with well-managed content.

In addition, you will get 5 exam papers to track your knowledge regarding the subject along with multiple choice questions and answers. Once you go through this book, you can use a calculator in a professional way.

Moreover, you can also access the CD attached to the book; you can enhance your knowledge with the help of video lectures.

4. Naked Statistics- Stripping the Dread From the Data

Writer- Charles Wheelan

It does not matter if you are a beginner and expert; this book is valuable for everyone. If you do not want to read the boring language of statistics, you can opt for this book as it is written funny. This book is full of engaging content with humorous examples.

This book aims to tell the reader why statistics is important and how we use it in our daily lives.
The data in this book is not based on assumption, although the writer used real-world data and added free statistical tools.

This book is best for beginners, intermediators, and experts that aim to clear their doubts in their minds.

So, if you want to master the statistics field, you can choose this book and learn statistics easily.

5. Think Stats Probability and Statistics for Programmers

Writer- Allen B. Downey

Firstly, I want to tell you that this book is not for beginners. Think stats Probability and statistics for the programmer is a worthwhile book for those who want to make their career as a programmer in statistics.

It provides the readers simple techniques to explore the actual data sets and learns the Probability and statistics for python programming. So if python programmers have any doubt in their minds, they can clear it by reading this book.

As I said earlier, this book is not the type for beginners, but python programming beginners can learn probability and statistics concepts from this book.

This book covers the python libraries such as PMs and CDFs libraries.

So, these are the top 5 best books of statistics. A person who intends to boost their knowledge in this worthwhile field can go with these books.


Above books are quality books in their own way and turn the beginners into experts if they read with full dedication and consistently.I hope now you can evaluate which book is best for you or which book will clear your doubts. Statistics jobs are booming day by day, so it is a good profession to deal with the data and analyze it in order to make effective decisions.

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