7 Website Features You Should Have in 2022

When the internet was born, having a website was rare and counted as an achievement. In those days, we made websites with HTML that looked like digital newspapers. However, now businesses are creating more websites with various unique features. We have an impressive range of website types to choose from, depending on our business model and other needs.

Because there’s much saturation in businesses, people wish to make their websites unique to stand out and excel in their business. Therefore, it’s essential to know what design and features you should add to your website to make it a better website. Below, we’ll discuss seven website components vital to add to your website in 2022.

7 Website Features You Should Have in 2022

  • 1. Short URLs
  • No, we don’t mean to say that you need to shorten your links with bit.ly or similar web applications. That’s good too, but it’s not something you’d do for your web pages on your website. We say to keep your web page URL simple, concise, and easy to read and understand by short URLs. It should not contain numbers, strings, and things that are not concerned with random people.For example, a website with the domain name ABC.com has a product page for mobile phones. It should look like: www.ABC.com/products/mobile-phones

  • 2. Complete Contact Information
  • If your website sells something, there’s no way you should hide your contact information or give limited contact information on it. E.g., your telephone contact number and a contact form on your website. You need to provide your complete shop/company address. Moreover, you can also integrate google maps on your website. Not only does it look more authentic, but it would also be easy for customers to reach you instead of asking you question like where your shop is

  • 3. Easy Navigation Bar
  • Ecommerce websites have mostly a wide navigation bar with many categories and sub-categories. If you have ever visited Amazon or eBay, you might have noticed that they have different navigation bars. You need to click on the tab and a list drop-down on Amazon. For example, you click on Electronics, and a list appears from which you select Mobiles phones by clicking. Whereas on eBay’s website, you do it by simply hovering over the tabs and the drop-down list appears.

    If you want to visit a page, only you click on it. Whatever way you adopt, make sure it is not bothering your customers. Some websites’ navigation works terribly, which can increase the bounce rate of your website. However, these aren’t the only two ways to set up your navigation bar; you can adopt other practices if you find a more accessible and user-friendly design for it.

  • 4. Slider about new products
  • It’s a great way to market your new products, promotions, and offers. Sliders act like banners in a shop that tells customers it’s 70% off on clothes. You can hyperlink those slider images to the products page so users will easily buy something if they like. You can add static sliders, but we recommend using dynamic sliders — the sliders that continuously change after 3-4 seconds. But include a radio button beneath it for people to rewind a slider if they didn’t read it correctly.

  • 5. Fast Loading Speed
  • Business websites have no options to be slow. They should load as fast as they can. That’s a technical thing, and a developer does it by optimizing website images into small sizes without damaging quality and shrinking the website code. According to a report, users only wait 3-4 seconds on average for a web page to load. So if your website loads slowly, it can increase the bounce rate of your website, and eventually, you’ll lose customers.

  • 6. CTA Buttons
  • Imagine going to the amazon prime video web page, reading their packages information, seeing the available shows, reading everything on their web page, and deciding to sign up. But how would you sign up if you see no option for it? You will go to the main menu to check various pages or the FAQ section to read how to sign up. How user-unfriendly is that? A lot. It’s like a customer went to a shopping mart, filled his cart with products and items, but can’t find a cash counter to pay for the items. How would the customers feel? So, to avoid customers going through this trouble, you need to have clear CTA (Call to action) buttons on your website, whether it’s an eCommerce website or a website selling some services.

  • 7. Good Search Function
  • A lousy search bar is an awful thing for a website. For example, if a website has a water pistol product, but if you search water gun in the search field, that product does not appear. It only appears when you write the exact keyword. That’s very bothersome for users. Make your website smart enough to get the product even if people search them with synonyms keywords.

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Final Word

We have discussed seven things that are crucial for your website in 2022. Ensure your website checks all the seven things described here, depending on the website type. As stated above, these are the technical things that an expert can do. You can hire a good website developer and designer by contacting an affordable web design company, and they’ll make you your desired website at reasonable rates.

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