9 Ways 3D Printing Can Benefit Your Business

3D technology is not a new invention, however, in the past few years, many businesses have started seeing the potential behind the tech. According to predictions, in the next few years, 3D technology will be an integral part of many businesses, especially those that want to stay one step in front of the competition. 3D printing is just one part of the 3D revolution, one that’s growing the fastest. So here’s why you might want to start looking into including 3D printing in your business:

9 Ways 3D Printing Can Benefit Your Business

1. Resource reduction

Traditional production includes a large number of resources that are used for creating a product. But, with 3D printing, it’s possible to use the exact amount of resources necessary for a print, reducing the need to invest in large quantities. This is a benefit that’s good both for your business and the environment.

2. High-quality products

Today, most customers focus mainly on quality. People are willing to spend more on products that use top materials and eco-friendly production methods. With 3D printing, it’s possible to make products of astounding quality without spending too much money on impressing the clients. Thanks to computer-based monitoring and scanning, it’s possible to produce exact replicas every time and always satisfy the customers’ quality of production. The production of low-quality products is very slim as long as you use quality materials and printers.

3. Prototype creation

In many cases, companies need to do everything in their power to attract buyers and investors, and one of the best ways to present their products is through 3D models and 3D-printed prototypes. If we take a look at 3d virtual house tours we can see how this technology can help businesses present a concept to buyers and investors. With virtual house tours, people can actually see the space and move around it instead of having to imagine the experience. The same is with 3D printing which allows people to see prototypes and products, hold them and experience their true potential. And with 3D printing, it’s easy to create prototypes and adjust them when needed.

4. Customization

With 3D technology, it’s very easy to customize products and make the process very accessible and cost-efective. For instance, thanks to 3D printing, it’s possible to manufacture implants and prosthetics that will fit the user perfectly. It’s also possible to customize various products that fit your needs and come up with new solutions for your issues.

5. Less manpower

Businesses that use 3D printing are much less labor-intensive than traditional businesses. Since 3D printing is controlled by a computer, it doesn’t require a big manufacturing process or many people to run the machines and watch over the process. With a simple switch of software, you can completely change your printing methods, so there’s no reason to employ a huge number of people. As a result, you can reduce your overhead costs and run a smaller team.

6. Less equipment

When compared to the traditional manufacturing processes, 3D printing is much more efficient, mainly due to the fact that it contains so few pieces. With just a few clicks and moves, the equipment can be adjusted and changed to fit the product, without the need to stop production. Less equipment equals less space and is another way to reduce costs.

7. No outsourcing

In many cases and for many businesses, outsourcing is a crucial part of doing business. Oftentimes, it’s necessary to order something from outside sources and wait for the piece or element to arrive–this is a commonplace practice in the manufacturing world of the 20th and 21st centuries. But, with 3D printing, outsourcing can stay in the past. With a simple in-house 3D printer and an expert to work it, it’s possible to produce elements and objects on your premises with minimal costs and minimal wait times. There’s no reason to rely on other companies’ time and give them money when you can do easy 3D printing in the house.

8. Great efficiency

If you want to produce perfect results, it will undoubtedly take a lot of time and effort to keep everything updated and running without errors. In case of a fault in the production line, it’s often necessary to shut down production and wait until the problem is fixed. This can take time and money. But, 3D printing technology is growing, developing, and improving every day, with printers becoming more efficient, reliable, and easier to handle. Errors are very rare, and even if they happen, fixing them takes minutes.

9. Low maintenance costs

As 3D printing becomes more commonplace, the prices of printers and printing supplies are getting lower and lower. With a small facility and just a few elements to maintain, it’s possible to reduce your expenses on support and save a lot of money.

It is expected from many businesses to adapt to 3D printing and start using this tech to their advantage. With many financial, efficiency, and customer satisfaction benefits, 3D printing is the future for every business.

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