Best Online Learning Apps in India 2021 – Top Online Classes App

Online classrooms have enhanced the new normal for students and teachers during the continuous COVID-19 pandemic. Students now interact with teachers over video-conferencing apps or online learning apps to study and keep up-to-date with their classes remotely.

Online education has become the new standard, and almost everyone is choosing digital platforms over offline education, given the social distancing measures and uncertainty of exposure to the Coronavirus.

To help students during this pandemic time, there are numerous best online classes app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

While some of these e-learning apps concentrate on common topics or are used as study aids, others are designed with specific fields of study in mind. Additionally, online learning apps in India assist you to grasp concepts in interactive ways such as animated videos, which make studying more fun and instinctive than the conventional method.

Some online classes apps also come with a live class feature to assist explicit doubts in real-time. If you’re in search of the best online learning apps in India that’ll encourage people looking forward to learning on their smartphones.

Best Online Learning Apps in India 2021 – Top Online Classes App

Here’s a list of the best online learning apps in India 2021 to encourage students to study at home

  • 1. BYJU’s – The Learning App
  • 2. Vedantu – Live Learning App
  • 3. Unacademy Learning Ap‪p
  • 4. Brainly – Home Work Help App
  • 5. Fliplearn: School & E-Learnin‪g‬

#1. BYJU’s – The Learning App

Byjus learning app- AB Blogging

The app gives the most suitable technologies along with qualified teachers for assuring great learning experiences for students. Several features in the app will assist the learner to understand difficult concepts clearly. This online class app advances everything from High School Foundation Class 6-12 Maths and Science to Competing exam preparation, for instance, JEE, CAT and IAS, etc.

Note that classes are not free- though they do have a free trial and a scholarship program for Class 4-12 students. Also you will get one to one assistance from a qualified tutor, real-time reports and much more..

Download the apps from here :


#2. Vedantu – Live Learning App

Vendantu_AB Blogging

Vendatu was founded in the year 2014, Vedantu has been swiftly expanding up as an online classes app platform in India. They provide for a real-time online learning environment through its in-house built technology ‘WAVE’ that indicates Whiteboard Audio Video Environment. The Vendatu online classes are live and interactive.

It has several talented and qualified teachers in its roll and the students can pick the online tutor of their selection. Vendatu was Endowed by IITians Vamsi Krishna, Pulkit Jain and Anand Prakash, Vedantu provides principally from the 6th grade onward. It gives exclusive coaching for the board and competitive exams like JEE and NEET. It also provides the students for skill based exams like KVPY. Through its free learning app, students can also clear doubts in real-time and get them clarified from proficient teachers free of cost.

Download the apps from here :


#3. Unacademy Learning Ap‪p

unacademy learning app

It is an e-learning platform that intends to make an online knowledge repository for multilingual education with the purpose of being the world’s largest institutional repository by permitting excellent educators and making it available to everyone.
Their vision is to partner with the most brilliant minds and have courses on every potential topic in multiple languages so the entire world can benefit from these courses.

Download the apps from here :


#4. Brainly – Home Work Help App

Brainly app

Brainly is the world’s most comprehensive online learning platform, blending students, parents, and teachers around the globe. They help students in doing their homework difficulties and test preparation.

Students connect to their peers to assist strengthen their skills, from math to science, history and so on.. Their platform basically acts as the online equivalent of a real-life study group and can assist kids to solve their academic doubts.

Download the apps from here :


#5. Fliplearn: School & E-Learnin‪g‬


The Math Tricks app assists students to learn math skills to promote one speed up the calculations. Effective math app for candidates who desire to clear SSC, UPSC, CPO, LIC, GIC and UTI exams. A complete learning & sharing platform with all the essential resources to flip the conventional method of teaching & learning.

Download the apps from here :


Winding Up

The education enterprise has realised the actual potential of online education apps. Many educational institutions and teachers have already commenced integrating their platforms with mobile apps. But building a mobile app for education is not a simple task. An educational app only works excellently when the students get to discover things or organize their classroom activities seamlessly.
The best online learning apps are the ideal combination of knowledge and user experience.

The above mentioned are some of the best online learning apps in India in 2021. we hope you got what you were in search for!. Let us know your comments if we have forgotten to cover them.

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