Best Paying MLM Companies Across The Globe

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing refers to one of the most traditional and popular forms of businesses in the industry Nowadays. It’s a huge business that many Americans and even other countries all over the globe are involved. Why is it so successful? Because you’re marketing products, at your own flexible time, and with significant earning potential. With their unique MLM compensation plan, this is a very engaging form of entrepreneurship.

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Looking to get a start with MLM? Here is the list of best paying MLM Companies so that you can start selling with

List of Best paying MLM Companies Across The globe 2021 — Highest Paying Bonus Network Marketing Companies

Please Note that the aforementioned list of companies are listed under Top 100 MLM Companies in the world

#1. Tupperware

Commenced in 1950, Tupperware has always been a successful brand all over the globe. With Tupperware, you can bank on its expertise and fame. Its popular products vary from household goods to movable containers. Now, Tupperware offers clothing and other merchandise as well. For mothers who are commencing up with their homes, this is an engaging opportunity to start, not only for the income that it guarantees but also because its products are useful to every home.

All over the globe, an average Tupperware seller can make about 700 to 800 USD in additional income, yearly.

#2.Forever Living

Forever Living consistently ranks in the top ratings of best MLM companies in the United States. Its current ranking is an exciting 9.0 out of 10, with an average 4.5-star rating. Why so? Not only does Forever Living guarantee great returns and high commissions, but its products are also organic and natural. Hence, with today’s clamour for extra natural products, Forever Living’s customers have significantly expanded.

That being said, here are some of the advantages that you can gain by commencing up with Forever Living:

  • 30% distributor discount on their MLM products
  • Startup cost varying from 88USD to 250 USD

As a distributor, a bonus or tip for you to make more income, or increase your possible earnings, is for you to apply the right metrics in each state of your business. Whether small or big, these metrics are regularly applicable.

#3. doTERRA

Wherever you are in the world, vital oils are used for almost anything! Not only used as sprays and purifiers for its numerous health claims, but you can also mix oils for confined treatment and even household cleaners, too. There are so many brands of essential oils out there in the warehouse. As more individuals are favouring lesser chemicals, there is an inrush of essential oil users all over the globe. However, many have promised to doTERRA because of its commitment to using a hundred per cent pure essential oils. With this, doTERRA has consistently rated an 8.1 overall score, out of 10. With its great ratings also comes great customer comfort, an average of 4.5 stars.

Along with the abovementioned, doTERRA also ensures the following:

  • High customer retention, as customers continue coming back for more extra supplies and more purchase
  • The average start-up cost for sellers runs around 150 USD to 2,750.

The ordinary start-up cost is quite heavy. But, the returns are eminent as well. doTERRA is also consistently high in its ranking for its corporate social stability.

#4. Nu Skin

Commenced in 1984, Nu Skin is an MLM company that is also famous global. As an MLM network, it also has years of experience connected to its name. Its products consist principally of health and wellness. Users all over the globe have an increasingly high satisfaction remark from the products that they’ve examined.

As a distributor, the company guarantees an average return for enthusiastic distributors of about 150 to 200USD a month. This may not seem like much to you, but as a source of additional income on the side, this is sufficient to cover off some of your utility bills, or as an add-on to your savings! The most useful thing about Nu Skin, too, is that as a starting distributor, there is no least mandatory purchase requirement.

#5. Mary Kay

As one of the topmost common and successful MLM network companies all over the globe, Mary Kay is not a newcomer in the beauty industry. The company first commenced up in 1963 and has been rising since then.

Mary Kay beauty consultants, as what they call their distributors, only need a 100 USD as starting investment. As a beauty consultant of Mary Kay, you can make it either from direct sales or by carrying out wholesale MLM products to your retailers. With this, the earning potential is even more tremendous.

Here are some of the added bonuses that you can earn from signing up with Mary Kay:

  • 50% total profit on your products sold, which is quite an astounding rate in relation to the average 30% for other MLM companies
  • Average yearly earnings of around 1000 USD for each beauty consultant

Winding Up

Although Network Marketing businesses offer a lot of versatility, this doesn’t mean that you should rest, and take it lightly. There’s still so much tedious work that you’ll have to put for you to make big.

Earnings can vary from only a few 100 USD per month, and even as high as thousands for proficient marketers. With your hard work and commitment, you’re sure to have a higher earning potential. Many Top MLM Earners went through these strategies to become Billionaires

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