The Best Way To Store Bitcoins – Best Crypto Wallets To Store Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first digital currency and is often abbreviated as BTC or XBT. It is a decentralized, peer-to-peer network powered by cryptography and individuals who use it. They are not backed by companies or gold, but it is supported by a code called a blockchain. Furthermore, there is no middleman between the user and cryptocurrency, the traders have to store their Bitcoins on their own which can be a complicated process to understand at first.

If you are thinking of buying Bitcoin in India or already own it, this guide will help you store them securely and safely.

What is a safe place to store Bitcoins?

Well, the Bitcoin organization recommends storing them in two separate wallets

Hot Wallet

Cold wallet

In a hot wallet, you can store a small or medium amount of Bitcoin that you want to spend or keep for later. This wallet is often stored digitally on a mobile device.On the contrary, the cold savings wallet holds the majority of a user’s Bitcoin and they occasionally fill the hot wallet. The cold wallet is completely offline, ideally in a safe place at home.

Different types of wallets

You can easily store Bitcoin in four different kinds of wallets- mobile, web, hardware, and desktop. These wallets can either be interconnected (hot) or not interconnected (cold). Although, no matter what type of wallet you pick, in order to access your cryptocurrencies, you will need a set of private keys.

In case you lose these keys or they get stolen, you won’t be able to access your Bitcoin and that doesn’t change if you store them online or offline. From losing physical items to digital wallets manufacturing and hacking, storing your Bitcoins in a safe manner requires thoughtful action.

Digital wallets

Digital wallets can be bifurcated into hardware or web-based wallets which can be used on a computer, phone, and even paper. Again, it is advised to keep just a small amount of Bitcoin in the digital wallet for spending and the majority of it should be stored in cold storage, as it is a safer option.

Offline wallets

Offline wallets are known as cold storage which can’t be accessed through the internet. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are physical objects; the desktop, for instance, is on a computer but not connected to the internet. Rather, the keys are stored on the machine itself.

Hardware wallets

In this wallet, the cryptocurrency is stored on a piece of hardware such as a USB. The transactions are completely anonymous as none of the user’s personal information is on the hardware. And hardware wallets are resilient to malware, unlike desktops.

Paper wallets

Too many users see paper wallets as the most obvious option, however, they actually require more knowledge of cryptocurrencies in India compared to any other option. It can be generated both online or offline. It just needs a minimal amount of space, they come with complete anonymity.

Physical coins

Physical coins are highly secure and do not require the internet which removes any possibility of online theft or any kind of scam. Furthermore, users will have complete control over their coins and can store them wherever they please.

Wrap up

When you talk about finances, Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies that allows you to stay “off the grid”, and have no middlemen create any kind of issue. But, of course, with such freedom comes responsibility and securing Bitcoins is essential in order for you to protect the funds. Just with the help of a couple of steps you can protect your money and keep money safe.

Furthermore, if you are planning to buy Bitcoin in India then don’t think twice about it. Opt for a great cryptocurrency exchange and get trading and buying!

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