Why We Have To Check DA PA of a website before publishing a guest blog

Domain authority is a viable factor in SEO. But, is it important before publishing a guest blog?

Two of the most common factors in the SEO world today are guest blogging and DA PA scores. Both of these have to do with backlinking in one way or another. Thus, websites that generate organic traffic the most have higher DA scores.
For instance, Facebook has a domain score of 96, and it has generated around 5.96 billion in organic traffic. But, why are these numbers important for guest blogging? And how does a higher DA score affect it all? Let’s find out.

What Is DA PA?

Domain Authority is a metric that measures the level of trust and popularity of a website. It is calculated by looking at the number of links to a given site and the quality of those links. It’s an important metric that measures the authority of a website on a scale of 1-100, and it is also called Domain Rating.

The higher your domain authority, the more likely you are to rank on Google for your target keywords. The method of calculating such scores can vary, but according to Moz, here are some key factors:

  • A domain’s domain authority is calculated by combining the ranking of the site in search engines with metrics such as the number of backlinks, social media shares and mentions, and other metrics.
  • It analyzes root domains and the sum of links present within a page/domain; hence it’s also called page authority.
  • Since these metrics can oscillate, the score will change frequently, usually higher if the website continues white-hat SEO techniques.

Now, it’s important to understand that only super-famous websites like Facebook or Forbes would have domain authority above 70-80. The reason behind that is their tremendous linking profiles.
Whereas a website with a lower link profile might meddle around 30-40 for quite a while before they can move up to 50-60. So, it’s important to consider any website with a 30-40 DA score as a good one—as long as they don’t have any spam index.

Why Do We Have To Check DA PA Of A Website In Guest Blogging?

When you’re looking for guest posting sites, checking a its DA score can help you understand the quality of the content it features, the organic traffic it generates, and the spam score. Therefore, why exactly it’s important for guest blogging? Here are a few important points:

  • High Authority Websites Make For Better Backlinks
  • Backlinks are a key essential of any sort of good content. Content without proper backlinks doesn’t rank, and neither does it attract an audience. Therefore, it’s important to find proper backlinks from trustable websites.
    And, since these backlinks are considered a “vote of confidence” from one website to another, finding a high-authority website is even more important. Here is why:

  • High-authority websites have an abundance of backlinks.
  • They feature quality content and backlinks from other trustable sources.
  • Featuring their content, or getting your content featured on them affects your website’s ranks positively.
  • These three factors alone are reason enough for any blogger to find websites with high domain authority. Not only is it an essential part of the process, but it’s also a necessity to make content stand out with high-quality backlinks.

  • It Helps Establish Credibility
  • Before you publish your content on any website, checking how trusted they are can help you. For instance, if your content is posted on a website with a high spam score or vice versa, then it’ll be bad for both parties involved.
    Finding a credible website is one of the first steps of any guest blogging venture. Remember, guest blogging is an essential branch of affiliate marketing. And, such a coalition requires you to create dependable and credible allies with high-authority websites.
    Therefore, if you are looking to establish credibility in your niche and in the eyes of your audience, you need to guest blog on websites, which could earn you that.

  • Improves The DA Score of Your Own Blog
  • Backlinks are a key essential of high-authority websites, as said so by Moz itself. In order for a website to go higher in Moz ranks, it needs to feature an abundance of quality and authoritative backlinks. That’s why, finding guest posting sites is one of the quickest ways to earn that and shoot your DA score higher.

    That’s why you need to be careful when picking a website. Remember, it’s not a bad thing to post your blog on a website with a 30 DA score but a 0 spam score. However, the effects would be reversed if you partner with a website that has a 50 DA score but a 20+ spam score.

  • Generate Organic Traffic For Both Sides
  • Guest blogging doesn’t reap benefits for one side only, you and your partnered website can earn equal benefits from it. For instance, if your website authority is higher, or equal, then they’d gain a viable backlinking partner too.
    This domino effect helps both your websites to go higher in the domain authority echelon. As a long-term result, both of your websites earn viable backlinks, improve in ranks, and increase their domain authority score by continuous guest blogging.

How To Check DA PA of A Website?

Before we conclude things, it’s important to understand how you can check the DA score of a website. So, if you’re looking to publish your blogs on viable websites, follow these steps:

Acquire The Link

The first, and the most obvious step is to find out a link/blog where you wish to guest blog. Now, in the beginning, no blogger finds websites with higher DA, so the best course is to find websites with a low spam score. So, acquire a link, and move to the next step:

Use A DA PA Checker

The next step requires you to use a DA checker, which can help you scan one or multiple websites at a time. So, when you find such a tool, enter the link of your website like this:

DA PA Check

Then, allow the DA PA checker to analyze your provided link. This usually takes less than a few seconds.
Analyze The Score

The final step in the process is to analyze the score. So, when the tool is done checking, you’ll see this:

pA DA Check

As you can see, Forbes has a high DA score of 95, but what’s more important is its 1% spam score. Therefore, make sure you find a website with at least 30-40 DA, 40-50 PA, and less than a 5% of spam score.


These are the essential factors a blogger should consider before guest posting on another blog. By understanding the domain authority score of another website, they can measure its content’s quality and the benefits of using its backlinks.

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