David Imonitie Net Worth 2021 — Richest #1 African American MLM Earner

How would you respond if you came to know that a guy made a million dollars at just 27 years old? You may think it’s a joke. Or perhaps the guy got the lottery. For superstar entrepreneur David Imonitie was born on July 2, 1983, in Merryville, Missouri, and he gained this money believing in himself and doing whatever it took to make his dreams existence. He comes under the list of Top MLM Earners Worldwide List of 2021

David Imonitie is a triumphant trainer, investor and serial entrepreneur. After so many years of negligence in the network marketing industry, he chose to shift how he viewed money and achievement. By practising proven success principles, he earned his first $1,000,000 by the age of 27. He has assisted build organizations exceeding 150K in his profession and has earned over 18 million dollars in personal income.

David is most known for his iconic mentorship in the network marketing industry. His passion is training Biblical principles in the spheres of faith, finance and belief. He shares his advice of belief and achievement though I Believe Ministries where he explores the world addressing the explosive I Believe Training Day. He is blissfully married to Shanel Imonitie and a father of two who stays in Houston, TX.

Here we shall discuss David Imonitie Net Worth 2021 & also Top MLM Secrets to success.

David’s MLM secrets To Success

The MLM industry is often about building a wide network. You will be astonished to know that David has a network of more than 150,000 distributors that crosses over 32 countries. He often shares his network marketing secrets in his workshops. Here are some tips you can follow:

#1. Belief

David is aware that Network marketing is an extensive industry and many people get connected with a dream of becoming successful. However, he’s observed most don’t believe they can accomplish their dream based on their mediocre standards. He assumes your standards are a reflection of your belief, If people truly believed, they would work in a state of excellence. However, because they don’t believe they can succeed, they tolerate mediocrity and flood their mind with self-justification. They criticise outside circumstance for their lack of achievement and fail to take liability for their actions.

Once you surely believe you WILL be successful, you’ll take 100% responsibility for your actions which is the initial or fundamental step to becoming prosperous. It took David Imonitie for more than 6 years to get his faith to where it needed to be to become successful. However, his years of failure didn’t divert him from what he wanted to do. Finally, he began to believe and success followed. To encourage others to believe in themselves, David is performing a social media platform called BELIEVE NATION which is a community where the world comes to discover how to believe.

#2. Consistency

David states that consistency is one of the important reasons successful people are prosperous. They are very consistent in everything they do and do it over and over and over again. They discover consistently and they do consistently. David claims some people discover but don’t do. You have to discover and then you have to go and implement. In other words, you must understand the mundane and the way you do that is through spaced repetition. David describes this activity knowledge.

#3 Modelling

David claims that modelling begins by discovering a great mentor or a coach who has already accomplished what you want to achieve. It’s essential to realize the man on top of the mountain didn’t fall out of the sky. He did something to reach there. Therefore, your job is to solve out what they did and then model them. If you tell what they tell, presume how they presume, and do what they do, you will get what they get. Most people fail at this time for one of two reasons. First, they strive to do it their way and reinvent the wheel which ultimately leads to burnout. Second, they strive to model the wrong person. Someone who pretends to be a guru, but hasn’t discovered success themselves, in other words, they listen to the wrong person. David entreats people to only listen to people who have previously achieved the results you want to accomplish.

#4 Persistence

The journey to the head isn’t an effortless one. If it were, everyone would be rich. It took years of hard work and commitment for David to become prosperous, but the difference between him and everyone else is he nevermore stopped believing and never gave up. He experienced rare controversy in his early 20’s and found no benefit for his first four years as an entrepreneur. It wasn’t until he faltered upon the movie “The Secret” that he began to learn the principles of success and even then, it took times of hard work and persistence to master them. As the ancient saying goes, quitters never win, and winners never quit.
David’s MLM principles for success have assisted hundreds of people to become financially free and by practising them to your Network Marketing business, you could be next.

David as a Mentor

David is not only a multimillionaire but also a trainer, coach, and successful mentor. He has already mentored thousands of entrepreneurs, most of whom have become successful MLM earners now. During many of his speeches, David has given his opinions on how a mentor can lead a leader or entrepreneur into becoming a prosperous person. He believes that mentors should recognise their clients as protégés and give them a crystal clear picture of what their life could be if they follow their viewpoints.

David’s concept of mentorship is somewhat different. He thinks that your mentor may not be your role model. However, they can find you your role model from whom you can bring inspiration. The MLM model doesn’t have too many role models or icons. But that shouldn’t hold you from listening to your favourite mentor. You can see your role model or icon from a different field also. It’s how you relate your philosophy with that icon that matters the most. And your mentor will further connect your icon with your philosophy.
You can check out this short video about how he had become the top MLM earner in the Network Marketing Industry.

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