Getting a Visa before Making the Journey

The concept of a visa has been followed since medieval times when the continents were divided into kingdoms. A visitor needed to have a permission slip from a proper authority before entering another territory. Now, a visa is the most crucial thing to have when a person is planning to visit or settle overseas. Whether you have been offered a job or going to study abroad you need to have a legitimate visa and passport.

In India, many of us wish to see ourselves in the US or Canada earning a decent income. Students dream of getting higher education from esteemed colleges and schools to pave a path to great careers. Fathers want to send their sons to learn the business and built their empires. But all these dreams can turn to dust instantly if the country does not grant the visa.

Visa and its types

A visa is an official document that states that the bearer can enter a foreign country. It is generally attached to the passport. Visa is of several types

  • Business or work Visas
  • Student Visas
  • Tourist Visas
  • Immigration Visas

All these have different purposes and grant the bearer different rights. Thus, a person with a work visa cannot go on a pleasure trip under their duration of stay.
So, it is very important to have the correct knowledge about all these laws and from the right source.

Consultancy Services

There are many sources available for a person looking for visa consultancy. One of these is the Apex Study Abroad LLP. The company is based in Pune, India, and started in the year 2015. It works to assist people with their visa permits.

  • They assist with all kinds of visas and solve all problems faced by the clients.
  • According to the Apex visas reviews, they also provide help with getting jobs in other countries. The experts give insights into the country’s working conditions, political stability, communities, and industrial growth.
  • Their website they have services in Australia, UK, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand. A person will get a visa for these five countries through their guidance.
  • Apex Visas claims that the team has more than 20 years of expertise in “domain” to “ensure prompt and hassle-free services.” They focus on mainly four basic things, knowledge, experience, transparency and results to get the job done in smooth manner..
  • The website is a bit muddled and not that easy to navigate. It is missing some essential documents like privacy policy and terms and conditions. In addition, they fail to make mention of who their consultants are and whether they are regulated or not, which is very important. The services include permanent residence, student visa, tourist visa, dependent visa, and business visas.

Experts know more

They work well in the student visas department as suggested by the high praise given to them by the students. For achieving this, the consultants work at all hours and sometimes even after office hours.

  • The experts are patient, loyal, and trustworthy.
  • The documents to be submitted are thoroughly checked and rechecked so that nothing is left out.
  • Apex is a fabulous consultancy firm and, their work is quite remarkable. Their procedure for getting visa is easy to understand and follow.
  • All the rules stated by the country for immigrants/visitors need to be followed.
  • Apex Visas claims that their team has over 20 years of experience in the “domain” and “ensure prompt, hassle-free services.
  • “It is not easy to navigate and a little confusing. The website is missing important documents such as terms and conditions and privacy policy. They also fail to mention who their consultants are or whether they are regulated. This is extremely important. These services include permanent residence, student, tourist, dependent, and business visas.


Leaving behind an old country and settling into a new one is not an easy task and, it has some difficult turns. Getting a visa is just the first step so, one should learn the operations from the beginning to make their journey easy, comfortable and happy.

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