Grey Goose Logo: A Brand overview

Gray Goose is a French premium vodka brand that was developed by American businessman Sidney Frank in the 1990s. It was later sold to Bacardi in 2004. François Thibault, from the city of Cognac, who is professionally engaged in alcohol, improved the recipe of the alcoholic drink. As a result, the product is now available on the market in several different flavors, including lemon, cherry, cinnamon, orange, vanilla, melon, and caramel. The company no longer plans to expand the flavor range in order to stay true to the original recipe. 1997 marks the year when this vodka variety was created.

Who owns grey goose?

In the late 1990s, Sidney Frank – the founder and CEO of SFIC (Sidney Frank Importing Co.) – presented a unique project: to create a luxury vodka for the American market. To make this happen, the company entered into a partnership agreement with the famous François Thibault – a master of cognac production. Thibault used his knowledge of cognacs and applied it to vodka, thereby creating a luxurious beverage for American audiences.

The decision to have Gray Goose produced in France was a mindful one. As a country with strong culinary roots, the alcoholic products made here tend to be of excellent quality. The water used to make Gray Goose is sourced from natural springs, the wheat used for distillation comes from local farms, and limestone is used as a filter. As a result of all of these factors, just a year after Gray Goose’s appearance on the market, the Beverage Testing Institute recognized it as the most delicious vodka in the world.

In 2004, Bacardi acquired the Gray Goose brand in order to distribute its products in the United States market. This was a turning point for the company, as sales for vodka reached over one and a half million cases. Gray Goose quickly became the most sought-after premium brand, due in part to their original smoked glass bottles that depicted a French goose in flight.

Top Frequently Asked Questions About Grey Goose Logo

  • who owns grey goose?
  • Sidney Frank – the founder and CEO of SFIC (Sidney Frank Importing Co.) is the owner of Grey Goose

  • where is grey goose made?
  • Grey Goose was made in France. GREY GOOSE vodka is distilled in the gastronomy capital of the world, France. The traditions of the Maître de Chai are used with only two ingredients – single-origin Picardie winter wheat and natural spring water.

  • grey goose vodka logo | grey goose label | grey goose logo png
  • grey goose logo png

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