How Does Digital Marketing Differ From Traditional Marketing

Today, there are many different ways to capture the audience’s attention. Marketing is essential for any type of business, as it obtains people’s attention and puts the word out about your business. There are two big types of marketing – traditional and digital marketing. The traditional one is older but it is still used today, while digital marketing is a modern type that all businesses should implement. This article will cover these two types of marketing and their most significant differences.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is a type of marketing used for goods and services to advertise them through channels, and platforms and with techniques that invoice one-way communication tools. This type of marketing uses different forms of advertising that are easy to recognize but can be expensive. Basically, this type of marketing is the typical form of marketing that helps reach out to customers through offline advertising modes such as newspapers, magazines, posters, radio, television, and similar.

For example, if you run a business that you want to advertise through traditional channels, then you would use some of these and run a traditional marketing campaign. A great example is TV commercials about your event venue in Miami and you would advertise on TV spots, or even include a radio commercial. However, this type of business, or any other, can also run through digital marketing platforms.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a term used to describe each and every online marketing effort. Companies make use of the internet and other digital channels to reach out to their existing and potential customers. These channels include a vast variety of platforms, including social media, email, Google search, websites and so much more. To use an example of an event venue in Miami, they could use Facebook and Instagram to reach out to wider audiences, and even utilize SEO to be visible on Google when people are looking for the best event venue Miami has to offer.

Simply said, any kind of marketing carried out online via the internet falls into the digital marketing category. Today, there are so many different agencies that help businesses advertise their products through online channels.


To showcase the differences between these two types of marketing, let’s take a look at conversions. Conversions are actually measurable and are the main point of advertising. You reach out to people to showcase your products or services, people see the commercial or an ad and then they decide to purchase something from you. Those purchasing decisions are conversions.

With traditional marketing, today, conversions are not as high. People usually skip commercials on TV or leave the room when they come up. And even if they see your ad, they are most likely to take their phone and Google your brand. So, it is safe to say that digital marketing has a higher conversion rate than traditional one. Today, almost everyone looks for products and services online, and it is logical that they would make an online purchase rather than go to the store.


Today, engagement is important. You want people to trust your brand and be loyal to you, and for that, you need them to engage with you first. It is hard for people to engage with a TV commercial or newspaper. They can see the ad but they cannot tell you how they feel about it. That’s why businesses use digital marketing as it is highly engaging. When you are posting about your new products on your social media, people can like, share, comment, and simply engage with your posts and thus with your brand.

Tracking and Targeting

When you are advertising yourself, it is expected for you to want to track and measure your campaigns’ results. With traditional marketing that is not really possible, and when it is it is a tedious job. When it comes to online marketing, you can track and measure everything. Every click, visit to your website, bounce rate, purchase…everything is trackable and measurable.

Also, to reach out to the right people, you have to target your audience. You can do that with traditional marketing by buying the right spot on TV, but that can be expensive. With digital channels, you can easily customize your target audience and always know that you are reaching the right people.

Marketing is an essential part of any business’s conduct. Some companies thrive through traditional marketing channels, but more and more people are switching online. That’s why, for now, digital marketing is a better option.

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