How DrChrono EHR Ease Healthcare Practices?

What Benefits An EHR Software Can Give Your Practice ?

If you are wondering whether or not spending money on an EHR software is a sound choice we can perhaps help you make this decision. Running a medical practice is a full time job in itself. And if you are the physician this can be very frustrating because instead of focusing on treating your patients you have to work on administrative tasks.

This is where an EHR software comes in; the software helps you manage aspects of your practice seamlessly. From scheduling patients to scrubbing claims for insurance, the software does most of these tasks automatically leaving you with all the time to spend with patients. In this piece, we will be talking mostly about DrChrono EHR. We will discuss from DrChrono pricing to DrChrono features so you can have a good idea of what this software is like and then choose whether or not you would want to invest in it for your medical practice.

DrChrono EHR Features

Customizable Templates

With DrChrono you get access to a lot of template options which you can then customize to your preferences. With the ability to choose your preference in template you are able to get a template that you will be easily able to adjust to and reduce your learning curve. And further being able to make customizations to the templates will help you in making the template your own. Honestly, the ability to make adjustments to the template makes the DrChrono pricing worth it alone and we highly recommend that you check out as many templates in the software as you can to get the feel for them.

Billing Made Easy

Billing is a very essential yet dreaded part of any medical practice. With DrChrono EHR you can however mitigate this issue and make things much simpler. The software has a billing feature which allows you to be able to make billing simpler as the software automates a lot of aspects of billing. The software reminds patients of their pending bills and alerts you over non-payment as well which is very convenient since instead of having to constantly keep up with bills and checking manually, your EHR software takes care of the entire ordeal for you.

Amazing Scheduling Features

Having a scheduling feature in your EHR software completely changes the game for you. This allows you to be able to schedule appointments in no time at all and also optimizes your work day so that you can schedule as many patients in a day as possible which helps you grow as well.

The software also has a waitlist feature that enables it to schedule a new patient immediately if someone cancels even if it is last minute. All of this helps you to make the most of your time and make things optimal. The DrChrono pricing is made up for in no time at all with the number of patients which you get access to further.

DrChrono Pricing and Reviews

If we are going to be talking about pricing then DrChrono pricing comes to about $199 a month per user. The pricing while being high is pretty much the standard rate for any good EHR software. The cost would for example come to about $995 dollars a month for 5 users

As for reviews, the software has an average of 4 stars or more on most websites which is an incredibly good average score. This makes us think the DrChrono pricing is definitely worth what you get in return.

Final Verdict; is DrChrono Worth it?

While we cannot make a recommendation for an EHR software to you we can definitely help you come to a decision for it. The first thing we advise is make a list of all the features you would ideally want in a software and then compare this list to the features available in DrChrono EHR; if all or most of the features you want are present then you should seriously consider this software.

The next thing we recommend is reading as many DrChrono Reviews as you can online so you have a well informed idea of what people think of this software as they are using it. And finally, we highly advise asking the vendor for an DrChrono demo so you can see the software in action and decide whether it is worth it for you.

The DrChrono pricing is high so you should be sure of whether or not you like this software before you make the plunge and commit to it.

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