How to Get Followers on Instagram Without Following or Liking?

You might have heard that following more people on Instagram brings you more followers on your account. Does this statement have any truth in it, whatsoever? The answer is yes, when you follow someone they will definitely have a look at your profile once for sure and may follow you back. However, it may not always happen as you expect. So instead of wasting your time in following a massive number of people everyday you can put your focus on making your Instagram account visually attractive with good and valuable content. Although there are tons of applications that may help you get followers, they may not be active and interactive for the reason that your content does not align with their interests and hobbies.

In order to get followers on Instagram without following, you must follow a few crucial steps. Invest your time productively in order to drive good results.

Get More Real Instagram Followers without liking or following

Entertaining Content:

It does not matter how short a video is, conversely what matters is what you are trying to pass along as a message to all those who will watch it. In other words, the content you create and post on your Instagram determines how bright your future will be out there. Even if you are trying to promote your individuality as a female model you need to learn how to compete with all those tons of models who are already dominating the network with their top-notch video advertisements and visually appealing photo content.

Explore The Interest:

Almost every other Instagram user becomes clueless at one point or another about what else should the account be all about. You must dig into your interests first before you make an account and start producing content for it. If you love doing makeup and own a saloon where you teach tutorials you can start off your Instagram page by making and uploading a couple of makeup tutorials and guides on hairdos. The short length videos aka shorts are making a lot of buzz because they are composed of a quick to-do-list or steps that most users love to watch. Instead of watching a whole 5 minutes video, the user prefers to watch a short video of one minute or little less in length to learn quickly. This way more content can be viewed and explored on social accounts.

Here is your to-do-list if you wish to start an Instagram page on anything:

  • Learn more about your personal interest, passion and hobby. You would be able to produce more high quality content if you are interested in a niche or genre. Ideas will come up naturally and you won’t have to follow or replicate someone’s work. Let’s say you love making comic books and stories, there’s definitely a lot of audience for you that would connect with you. Now you have to come up with a brainstorming idea of turning your stories into visual content by using modern technologies. In old times, the comic stories were published with images along with the story, that’s how the whole idea about superman and batman started, right? You need to use the same strategy but you also have to mix your creativity to get more followers on your account. Make a video short, display your comic books as a presentation and do a voiceover to make it compelling.
  • Make your page an art of your interest. You will never succeed if you follow all other people on Instagram. It is fair enough to get ideas from their pages to learn what else can be done in order to make your personal page up to the mark for your audience, but refrain from stealing their content. This is why all markets and content makers emphasize more on creating the outline for your content, it serves as a floor map of a building that leads you to the right direction. Whatever content you make by using your story and ideas will become your art. However, you need to work hard on learning to make it representable and engaging for your audience. Once you have enough unique and interesting content on your page, people will start following you naturally without you having to buy automatic likes, followers and comments. Besides, now robotic likes are being caught by Instagram and its AI system within a matter of seconds. You can grow your audience ethically by working more on uploading and sharing the content that your audience wants to view.
  • All the famous celebrities are popular on Instagram even though they follow a very selective number of people, right? You could be one of these people too if you have something very special to showcase on your Instagram page. Let’s say that you have shared a guide on meditation and some lightworkers are following up with your posts. Now you can give them directions on how to be more spiritual by listening to a particular music and how the same thing worked out for you. Sharing your story will attract a few hundred followers to your content and this number will keep on growing because all these followers will preach about the efficacy and authenticity of your guides.

When you post content on Instagram you tend to have this natural desire of having your content viewed by millions but it is not going to happen overnight. You need to work a little one day at a time to get yourself recognized by your audience. Finding your audience also takes a bit of work, you need to be active on the pages of people who share the same interest as you do. Post comments on their pages, connect with people, do live streams and share the content. A few followers will praise you, ultimately bringing more views and followers to your way. So work your way through all of these steps in order to get followers on Instagram without following and liking.

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