Keys to choosing the best furniture for your terrace or garden

Materials, measurements and design. Do you know what you should take into account when choosing the furniture that will accompany you for hours and hours outdoors? Choose well with these tips.

The size of the space

For the furniture you choose for your outdoor space to be suitable, you must take into account the dimensions of the patio, balcony, terrace or garden and choose the furniture accordingly. The disproportion will either make the place look too crowded or empty. There are larger pieces of furniture, even heavier for its design and color, and other light ones in itself. How to know which furniture to choose according to the dimensions? Think that there should always be a comfortable circulation space . In front of the access door, respect at least one clear square of 60 x 60 cm and then take into account that it can be easily passed between the coffee table and the sofa in the case of an outdoor seating area or between the chairs and the wall in the dining rooms.

Furniture design

In mini spaces, folding furniture (tables and chairs) or stackable chairs are recommended for when you pick them up because they remain in a tower while they are not used. If you want a fixed outdoor set then pay attention to its line, it has to be light, metal outdoor furniture is very appropriate for this. In larger and more open spaces, the most voluminous furniture with square lines will be perfect. Modular furniture allows you to gain freedom when composing the space according to the needs of each moment. Best Outdoor furniture.

What use will you make of the outdoor space?

Before choosing the furniture for your terrace or garden, think about what use you will make of the outdoor space. You may have space to create a dining area and a living area. But you may have to choose. What do you want more: having breakfast, lunch or dinner outdoors or having a relaxation area ? This way you will know if you can buy a dining room or a living room. There are sets are sofas and high table instead of coffee table to enjoy a meal and a comfortable sitting at the same time. Also, there are tables that are installed on the balcony railings to save space or high bar-type table designs that take up little space and allow you to create a mini-dining room in a corner.


It seems obvious but you have to set a price that you want and you can spend to decorate your terrace or garden. Sometimes you have a more budget and others with less. And there are always options. For example, pallets are an inexpensive option that allows you to create a chill out air zone . Stacked they become the base of a sofa. If you are a handyman, you can create a backrest, even a do it yourself coffee table with them. And you will find cushions to fluff the sofa made with pallets, both for the seat and the backrest, already made and adapted to the conventional measures of the pallets. The plastic furniture are also economical and the designs are very varied. The highest budgets have the highest quality design and premium materials that will last for many years in perfect condition.

The most suitable materials for exterior

When choosing the material for outdoor furniture, you should take into account that the spaces that are protected by a roof (be it a covered terrace or a porch) are more protected from direct sun and rain. While those that are not found like this have to be more resistant.

Wood: not all resist the same. Exotic varieties are the most resistant. Teak and cedar are highly recommended, also eucalyptus. They need treatment (sanding and applying an oil) over time.

Aluminum: they are light outdoor furniture and do not rust.

Forging / iron: they are heavy and need treatment over time as the paint deteriorates.

Rattan: it is a synthetic material that imitates the braiding of the fiber but that hardly needs maintenance (cleaning only). It usually covers an aluminum structure, so it is light.

Plastic: it is an inexpensive material that allows all kinds of designs and is available in many colors. The furniture is resistant and light and does not require maintenance.

Wicker or similar natural fibers: they are natural and it is preferable to use the furniture in this finish when it is sheltered from the sun and rain.

Rugs for your outdoor space

They can be used to delimit spaces, give a touch of color or more feeling of comfort, they are even a good trick to cover a floor that you do not like very much. The carpets outside PVC plastic and are resistant. They can be out in the open. Those made of fiber (jute, coconut, etc.) are also suitable but for covered places such as porches or terraces with a roof.

Do I need a custom or built-in solution for the garden?

In order to make the most of the space, it is sometimes necessary to consider customized solutions . In this way you can achieve unique furniture. The most common is to make benches or structures to use as seats. They can even have two uses: a bench and storage space. It will serve to sit as a sofa with the appropriate mats and cushions and you can store them in the same space. Custom furniture can be made of wood or masonry (covered brick).

Furniture maintenance

This key to choosing the right outdoor furniture is directly related to the material. Take into account the maintenance that your choice entails. Wood furniture will require a coat of sandpaper and applying oil or stain (a kind of varnish or water-based paint that does not cover the pore of the treated wood) every season or two. There are woods with autoclave treatment that protects them from insects and against inclement weather but they will still need a new coat of stain. Exotic woods must be treated with oils (to hydrate them) and it is convenient to sand them beforehand. Do you have a place to do it? Would you like it? If you don’t want to complicate it, rattan or plastic.

Outdoor cushions

Many of the outdoor furniture have built-in cushions and others you can add to your liking. Seats, backs and decorative cushions. The most important thing is that seats and cushions, which will remain in place throughout the spring-summer season, are resistant outdoors. The fabrics are special so that they do not discolor with UV rays and are waterproof and the foams inside the covers also have special characteristics: they do not accumulate moisture and prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

Cotton covers (canvas type) are for sheltered spaces and you should make sure they can be washed in the washing machine.

Where and how do I store the furniture at the end of the season?

You should not only think when choosing outdoor furniture in the season of use but also if you have space to store it, how you will do it and the covers you need to protect the furniture. This will extend its life of use.

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