Organize Your Browsing Better with These Google Chrome Extensions

Browsers like Internet Explorer (now Edge), Mozilla Firefox, and others have changed the way people access and interact with web content. They allow people to access social media platforms, entertainment services, e-commerce stores, and even medical care. That’s not to mention the millions of simple but diverse queries. Browsers are also fairly common in workplaces. Therefore, with such a large audience depending on them, it is disappointing that many browsers still fail to deliver features that help with multiple parallel sessions.

However, Google Chrome doesn’t disappoint. While Chrome has no in-built features to allow multiple concurrent sections, its extensions are third-party plugins designed for various uses. And many of them deal with multiple browsing sessions on the same browser/website. All you need is to get any of those reliable service packages like Cox internet plans and the right permissions on your browser (especially if it’s a work laptop or PC) to install. Once done, you can use these extensions for better and organized browsing:


MultiLogin, like any Chrome extension, is easy to install and use. But the extension takes ease-of-use several steps further. There are no complex options or configuration settings. Instead, the extension adds a convenient button on your browser. When you click this button, the extension opens up a new tab that is isolated from the rest of your browsing. With very few cosmetic or technical features to toggle, you can start multiple sessions with a simple click. MultiLogin is especially useful on PCs that have RAM issues since it has a lower need for storage space.

Session Box

Session Box is by far one of the most popular Chrome extensions when it comes to multiple browsing needs. The extension contains just about any feature or utility that you could need for creating and managing multiple sessions at the same time. The extension has both a free and a premium version. The free version allows users to create multiple browsing instances on a single website without any limit on the number of sessions. The extension also lets you color-code sessions separately, or group them for more organized access. This comes in very handy when you use your personal and professional accounts on the same PC. Session Box even allows you to share sessions with other people.

Account Manager

The Account Manager extension is by far the most purpose-built extension on this list. It has no fancy bells or whistles. Instead, it focuses solely on users that want to organize and manage multiple sessions better. The extension has a simple, intuitive, and functional user-facing interface. This is where you can view active sessions, edit them, or close them. Each session has conveniently placed buttons to save, delete, or even reopen sessions. The extension’s backup and restoration features can even allow you to reopen past sessions with a simple click. The extension can sync with your Google account as well, which means you can open it easily on other devices with the same account.

Multi-Session Box

Multi-Session Box is very similar to the Session Box extension we discussed earlier. Like the Session Box extension, Multi Session Box is a third-party plugin designed to make managing remote sessions easier. However, the difference between the two is more visible when it comes to the feature set. Multi-Session Box has a far more focused and straightforward interface. That’s because the features included typically only handle things like multiple logins, active session lists, search across active sessions, and even naming sessions for better organization.

Swap My Cookies

Swap My Cookies is a very useful Chrome extension, especially for users that have to constantly switch between multiple sessions. The extension manages this by accessing the cookie data on your browser and swapping it with that of a new profile. The extension allows you to make multiple profiles and simply swap the cookie information on any of them by simply pressing the extension’s button.

Cookie Profile Switcher

This extension is a bit more technical in its approach. But it also manages to make the job much easier for users. The extension chooses to switch website profiles instead of creating new tabs or managing multiple sessions. The extension pushes a pop-up notification every time you open a website. The pop-up allows you to launch another session on the same website, but with a new profile. Using the extension’s menu, you can create a new website profile, name it, track it, and work on multiple profiles at the same time.

Most of the third-party plugins in the list above are free. Even the paid versions have some type of free extension available in the Google Chrome extension library. While Google now has some multiple-browsing features of its own, these purpose-built extensions can make the job much faster and simpler.

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