Realme 8 5G Mobile Phone

Realme 8 5G mobile Phone SPECIFICATIONS

  • Super-cheap 5G Phone
  • Weight : 185g
  • Dimensions : 162.5×74.8×8.5mm
  • OS : Android 11
  • Screen size : 6.5-inch
  • Resolution : 1080×2400
  • RAM: 4/6/8GB
  • Storage : 64/128GB
  • Battery : 5,000mAhRear
  • cam: 48MP + 2MP+ 2MPFront cam: 16MP


  • +It offers 5G at an affordable price
  • It has a bright, large screen.


  • Its design is simple.

The Realme 8 5G 5G is a great option for those looking for 5G at a super-low price. It allows you to access the next generation of data connectivity at a much lower cost than other devices. This is an Android phone that you can use for a basic budget. It has a simple design, a decent processor and a large, but still good-looking, display.

The real draw of this phone is the 5G and price combination. If you want to have super fast internet without spending a fortune, the Realme 8 5G is worth your attention.

Realme 8 5G

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Realme 8

The family member of the suffix-less Realme 8.


  • Weight : 177g
  • Dimensions : 160.6×73.9x8mm
  • OS: Android 11
  • Screen size : 6.4in.
  • Resolution: 1080×2400
  • CPU: Helio 95
  • RAM: 4/6/8GB
  • Storage : 64/128GB
  • Battery : 5,000mAhRear
  • Camera: 64MP + 8MP +2MP +2MPFront Camera: 16MP


  • It is great for gaming
  • It has a sharp display
  • It has a sharp display
  • Its shiny appearance could cause division
  • It feels a little cheap

The standard Realme 8 phone is not the weakest, despite it being the only one without a suffix. It’s actually more powerful than the 5G model. Realme 8 Pro Touch Screen Digitizer. However, it can only connect to 4G networks.

This budget Android phone is decent and well-rounded. It excels in performance and display, making it a great value for money.

The design was not something we were too certain of. You probably had your own ideas as you scrolled past this listing. If you require 5G or other high-spec specs, another Realme smartphone is likely better. This is also a great choice for a budget.

Realme X3 SuperZoom

Realme X3 SuperZoom : Last of a lost line


  • Weight 202g
  • Dimensions 163.8×75.8×8.9mm
  • OS Android 10
  • Screen size 6.6 inches
  • Resolution: 1080×2400
  • CPU: Snapdragon 855Plus
  • RAM: 8/12GB
  • Storage 256GB
  • Battery : 4,200mAhRear
  • Camera: 64MP +8MP +8MP + 2MPFront Camera: 32MP +8MP


  • It has a long battery-life and can be charged quickly.
  • It’s a powerful phone


  • Its design is uninspiring
  • The camera performance is inconsistent

This phone is a high-end one with a great chipset as of the X3’s launch. The six cameras and long-lasting batteries are also impressive.
This phone is not perfect, but it’s still a good choice for those who want a lower-ranked entry on our list of the best Realme phones. We have major complaints about its design and LCD screen. Also, it is inconsistent in results.
Check out our complete Realme X3 SuperZoom Review
Every day, we check more than 250 million products to ensure the best price

Is Realme a good phone brand?

Realme phones are great value, which we have written about in numerous reviews.
These devices are often equipped with specifications that you won’t find for the price, especially in terms of chipsets, and they have fewer sharp edges (literally as well as metaphorically) than phones made by other brands. Buy realme narzo 30 touch screen digitizer price.
A Realme phone is not as powerful or feature-rich as a top-end Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi, or other Android phones, but it’s still affordable.

Do I choose Realme or Redmi instead?

Redmi is Xiaomi’s low-cost phone line, and it is arguably Realme’s largest competitor.
Redmi phones are large, with big batteries and huge screens. This makes them great for streaming media and gaming. The problem is that Redmi phones can be more difficult to use than your average smartphone because of their large size. This is especially true if you have small hands or shallow pockets.
Realme devices are smaller and more focused on design and charging speed – although they can be easier to use for everyday tasks, their small screen size might make it difficult to stream or play games.

What are the main Realme telephone lines?

Realme’s GT line was launched in 2021. It replaces the X series, and boasts top specs at mid-range pricing. Another main line is the numbered series like the Realme 7 and 8. These often include 5G or Pro versions and come in a price range that places them in the budget segment.
Realme also has lines like the Narzo and V series in some regions. However, these don’t usually sell in TechRadar’s main areas so we haven’t tested them. They won’t be on this list.
If this changes, which we believe it will for Narzo’s line, then you might see more handsets on this list.

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