Security Measures During Shooting And Handling Of Weapons

Every police officer has his pistol service – a personal weapon, enforceable only for him. Police – armed state executive power. To implement their duties, to prevent crime and catch criminals, Interior Ministry employees have the right to use for accidental purposes-issue guns, which are fixed for each police officer. The procedure for obtaining his official gun has its nuances and complexities. You can qualify for individual weapons bypassing the good theoretical part of fire training and strictly observing safety precautions during shooting.


Service weapons can be reserved for a police officer only if he has taken an oath of allegiance to his people. In addition, he must finish college or law enforcement officer to be a member or part of an Interior leader. Mandatory requirements for candidates for the assignment to them of firearms are passing. Theoretical knowledge of the basis for the use of firearms, full knowledge of the material. The rules of conduct with a weapon in service and during the shooting drill. Security measures during the shooting of the Interior Ministry have already settled his order, published in 2012 under number 1030 DSC. What characterizes all these things, so it is necessary to be estimated for each test. Any score below ‘excellent’ sends the applicant for a new change cycle once all the work put “excellent” staff in a solemn atmosphere handed over their personal (in-service) guns.


With the aim of training law enforcement employees, body tag, accurate shooting, rapid response to changes in the environment is designed to course firings of small arms with drawing ideas. Training and shooting exercises are conducted in several old days in specially equipped areas – shooting gallery, shooting range, scope. Security measures during the shooting of a gun are subject to regulatory documents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. During the shooting, he has clearly defined the role of each participant. With chief firings, his assistant, patrol, duty shift, is preparing to change. Each arrow issued ammunition, which he carefully examines. Then carried out loading arms team commander firing when the gun is complete, all the arrows of his readiness for firing. Exclusive to the command, “Fire!” The shooting opens. After finishing rounds with the weapon, inspect it and point at the targets for counting and grading. Observe the precautions during shooting. Arrows are very positive reviews.


For firing from a design gun Makarova (PM), more than 15 exercises are to be executed. During the PM’s shooting, security measures were different from shooting rifles, machine guns, and rifles. The basic rules are spelled out in sequence, which governs the procedure for the target practice:

  • it is forbidden to remove weapons from the holster without a team;
  • Never point a weapon at anyone, of buildings;
  • Do not reload a weapon without a team;
  • it is forbidden to open and maintain a fire outside a team in the wrong direction, or case of loss of a sign, or prohibit the presence of a signal;
  • It is forbidden to leave unaccompanied weapons, pass them on to third parties.

In addition, the shooter must stop firing themselves if he notices people flying objects or other obstacles in the field of view. Security measures during the shooting were developed and translated into reality to save the lives and health of shooters to ensure the safety of weapons so exist.


Before you start firing, commanders determine the type of weapon and the type of exercise that will carry arrows. Once the documents are drawn, the firing commander, observing the rules, will get weapons (pistols or machine guns) to the duty unit. You need to check the numbers on the parts. The details of the weapons and check their numbers on the documents. The technical condition of each unit then verifies them. Checked if the guns were loaded, if there was a cartridge in the chamber, how it interacted with parts and components together. At the end of the descent, control is carried out trigger.

A police officer checks firearms and ammunition for contamination. Special attention is required bore. It should be swept clean to a shine. Given that the shooting is carried out regularly at the police station, a particular employee will perform the above steps regularly. The safety shooting period of the PM Ministry of Internal Affairs lived a few years ago, so the algorithm of actions learned by heart, driven by automatism.


Even though regulations are governing the course of shooting in the regulations, sometimes there are unusual situations. Violated security measures during the shooting. As a result, people suffer violations. In such cases, they are held in the office checks, identifying those responsible. The severity of the consequences of an emergency depends on what type of liability is incurred by the people. This can be disciplinary action and criminal proceedings.


For law enforcement officers who have undergone training and passed a certain standard, fixed service weapons. Increasing the level of gun ownership is holding target practice. Security measures during shooting and handling of weapons are spelled out in the regulations and require strict compliance with all regulations.

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