Swimming Lessons: Everything A Parent Should Know

Do you know it’s important for every child to learn swimming?

As per the Ministry of Education, swimming is an important part of the school Physical Education program In Singapore. It is especially for reducing the increasing number of drowning cases among kids.
So, as a guardian, it becomes a huge responsibility to find the best kids swimming lessons in Singapore region. But, to make informed decisions, a parent must know important details about swimming. Well, no need to worry; we are here to help you.

Our guide includes some major tips that would be useful for you, so without further ado, let’s dive in!

Importance Of Toddler Swimming Lessons

You might have heard that if a kid isn’t able to walk properly, it’s not good to take them to the pool. But that is not true.
A child gets many benefits from toddler swimming lessons and learning it from professionals. While swimming, the water engages your kid’s body uniquely, which is great for better well-being.
Furthermore, there are more benefits of swimming like,

  • It creates new neurons when a baby kicks underwater
  • Swimming activity is beneficial for overall health
  • It improves cognitive functioning
  • Boost the confidence
  • Reduce the drowning cases
  • Help to build muscles
  • Better for improving appetite

Swimming is a fun activity so let it be the same for your child. Don’t force them and try to introduce them to a professional tutor if they aren’t ready for it.

Everything Parents Must Know about Kids’ Swimming lessons

1. The Right Age For Swimming

Well, it is never too early to enroll your child in a toddler swimming lesson in Singapore region. But still, you need to wait for at least six months.

In short, the right age for a kid to start swimming is six months. At this age, the child can splash, kick and enjoy underwater. Moreover, we suggest you join parent-child swimming lessons when your child is 6 months old.
Parents need to learn to take care of their kids properly, but they also have to be confident in the water. A 6-months-old kid always needs a guardian by their side.

2. How Much Do Swimming Lessons Cost?

The cost of a toddler swimming lesson varies from one coach to another or one institute to another. Moreover, the expertise and level of the coach also fluctuate the swimming lesson price.
If you are considering private swimming lessons for your child, the cost would be $20 to $40 for one class. However, the group lesson cost is low as it could be up to $15 to $30 per person.

Well, we can commit you to a particular price because the price varies from one to another. So, the best advice is to ask them (institute or coach) to provide clear quotations whenever you choose a swimming lesson.
We have mentioned the average cost of private and group swimming lessons above so you can get an idea through it. And later it will help you to grab the best deal.

3. Duration Of The Swimming Class

Well, mostly the swimming class lasts for 30 minutes. Sometimes the duration goes up to 45 minutes but includes 10 minutes or 15 minutes break.
Experts don’t prefer longer class durations because there are chances that kids might get cold inside the water. And it’s obvious that they get a cold or fever when they stay for a longer time underwater.

4. Progress Of Your Child

It would be a great idea to track the progress of your child. How? Well, make a note including day 1 to day last and write the skills as well as drawbacks of your child. If possible then work on improving your child’s swimming ability.
The kids swimming lessons are a long series including physical skills that a child needs to learn. It consists of some levels starting from splashing, playing, getting comfortable, and moving underwater.

Remember, every child is different and so do yours. There are chances that one kid will learn in a month while your child might take two months to learn the same. So never push your kid to do well rather you must encourage them. To boost your children’s confidence, you need to be as excited as them.

5. Private Swimming Lessons Or Group Swimming Lessons

It is one of the most often asked questions by parents. This really becomes confusing whether to opt for private or group swimming classes? Well, don’t worry, we are here to help you.

  • Private Swimming Lessons: If your kid is a slow learner or understands things late, then we would suggest you send them to private swimming classes. Furthermore, a private instructor can help your kid to learn faster and better.
  • Group Swimming Lessons: It is a cost-effective way of learning swimming. If a child is comfortable learning swimming with other kids too, then opt for group classes.

6. Is Your Child Interested In Swimming?

Last but not least, whenever you are enrolling your kid in swimming lessons, then consider their interest too.
First, try to make them comfortable in the water and let them attend at least 10 to 12 swimming classes. Sometimes, they feel scared initially but enjoy it after a few classes.
Once you have given enough time to your kid to learn swimming, then see if they are really interested or not. For example, if your child has attended many classes but still doesn’t like swimming, then don’t force them. Remember, forcing or pushing your kid to do the same isn’t helpful in teaching something.

Important Safety Tips For Parents

Even if there is a swimming coach in the pool, you still have to be extra attentive. As a parent, never leave your child (infants or toddlers) alone in any water bodies, such as pools or bathtubs.
A toddler can drown in 1 inch of water, and this situation will lead to severe injuries. So, for children aged less than four years, parents must supervise them during their swimming class. Simply, it means an adult must be available to save them all the time.
Below we have listed major tips to remember before sending your child to kids swimming lessons in Singapore or in your locality. Have a look!

  • Don’t skip safety measures like providing a life jacket to your kids (when needed). Avoid the use of mattresses or inflatable toys and ask the instructor to guide you.
  • Be attentive near small water bodies, such as ponds, bathtubs, watering cans, and fountains also.
  • If a pool has a cover, remove it and let your kid start swimming.
  • Enforce safety rules such as no pushing or running underwater.
  • If you are supervising your children, then eliminate distractions (avoid phone).
  • One adult must be available for a toddler and kids below the age of 4 years.


Try to engage your kids to attend toddler swimming lessons in Singapore regularly. Ensure you make your child feel safe and secure while swimming class. Also, choose the right instructor that can handle kids and their behavior.
As good parents, you must support them whether they want or don’t want to learn to swim. Respect their personal likes and dislikes.
Hopefully, our guide has helped you to know everything that a parent must be aware of while teaching swimming to their kids.

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