Tom Brady’s rumored girlfriend Veronika Rajek shoots “Hottest-Ever” swimwear

Tom Brady deserves a lot of credit for Veronika Rajek’s rapid rise in the NFL world. In December last year, Rajek posted a few pictures in the TB12 jersey, which sparked rumors about the two stars dating.

Tom Brady has not responded to any of the speculations, but Brady fans hijacked the Slovakian model’s Instagram account anyway. Therefore, the model’s social media accounts experienced unprecedented growth as a result.


veronika rajek tom brady


The latest pictures of Veronika Rajek in an orange swimsuit are breaking the internet

While Rajek’s Brady dating hints have certainly diminished in recent weeks, her Instagram posts have still gone viral, thanks to her stunning physique. Rajek regularly shares workout pictures and videos with her followers to inspire them.

Veronika’s pictures are usually super sizzling, but her latest Instagram post has been called the hottest ever. “It’s been a long week.” captioned the photo. Recently, the Slovakian star posted a series of photos on Instagram posing in shiny swimsuits.

Most of the comments read “Amazing, Sizzling, Incredible, Hot.”. The post got over 70,000 likes in less than an hour, which isn’t surprising since she has over 4.3 million followers on Instagram.

In spite of parting ways with Gisele, Tom Brady has yet to get back into dating

She has repeatedly claimed that she admires Tom Brady more than any other athlete on earth, leading fans to believe that she is interested in dating him. Tom, however, has not shown any interest in dating again.

As a result of Brady’s split from supermodel Gisele Bundchen last year, several celebrities were linked to the renowned athlete. Numerous websites have offered odds on who will be the QB’s next partner. Despite all this, Tom has been focusing on spending more time with his children.

When Brady played football, he missed out on a lot of family time. Gisele also reportedly left Tom because he was too focused on football and wasn’t giving enough time to her and her children. Many fans still believe that football was indeed the main reason for the celebs’ split, even though sources close to both stars deny all such reports.

Despite this, Tom now spends quality time with his children. Following his retirement from the NFL, he has taken a year off to enjoy his wonderful children as much as possible. He will be back in the dating game soon, won’t he? Finding out will only take time.

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