Top 5 EHR Software For Rural Practices

Why Rural Practices Need an EHR

If you are thinking about whether investing in a good EHR software as a rural practice is a good idea then perhaps we can help you come to a decision. While most states in America require by law that you use an EHR; you should not just opt for any old option but do proper research to employ an EHR software that will actually benefit you. While a rural practice might not have as much work to be done within it as a practice in a city. There is still a lot to be done, a lot of which can be done by an EHR software that can help you achieve your goals in no time at all. 

In this piece, we will tell you about various EHRs which will be perfect for your needs. From Healthland EHR to DrChrono and more. This software has established itself as not only serving bigger practices well but is also ideal for smaller practices located rurally and not as busy! Keep reading if you would like to learn more about this software. 

Top EHR for Rural Practices 

1. Healthland EHR 

Healthland EHR is a very popular EHR software that has been around for quite a while. The software has a great prescriptions feature which helps make things easier for you. This feature allows you to send prescriptions directly to the pharmacy most convenient for your patients to go to. This means you can help your patient reduce the time it takes between making a prescription and starting the medication. This feature helps you save your patient a lot of time and effort and as a rural practitioner, this might be important since patients no longer have to travel long distances just to get a prescription paper.

The practice management feature in Healthland EHR is also wonderful since it allows you to make managing your practice a lot easier. With this feature, you are able to focus on practicing medicine rather than executing administrative tasks. All of this and more are benefits you can have with Healthland EHR. 

2. DrChrono EHR

After Healthland EHR, we have DrChrono EHR. This software helps you manage a lot of things as well. The patient portal feature in this software allows patients to log into their own portal and execute tasks on their own. Patients can schedule their own appointments and look at their upcoming schedule with you. All in all, this feature helps make things a lot easier since you do not have to take care of these administrative duties anymore. The dashboard feature in this software is also very user-friendly. That means you are able to get used to this software right away. This helps make things a lot simpler for you as well since you can all but eradicate the learning curve you might experience with new software. 

3. AdvancedMD 

Another great EHR software is AdvancedMD EMR. This software has a billing feature that helps you keep on top of your finances. You are able to use the software to make bills more accurately for your patients so that you are able to get them reimbursed from your patients much sooner too. The software helps you to reduce reliance on manual labor since the process of making bills is automated. The EHR also has a great patient record storing feature which helps you make things a lot simpler. This feature allows you to safely and securely save patient files so that there are no issues and you can be compliant with policies and oaths that you have taken as a healthcare professional. 

4. Kareo EHR

Kareo EHR is another popular option for EHR software. This software has a great scheduling feature which is very helpful. The feature helps you schedule as many patients as possible so that you are able to maximize your revenue as well since you are able to see a number of patients in a day which otherwise would not have been possible. The claims feature in Kareo also allows you to file claims easily since the software somewhat automates the process which means you are able to reduce the number of mistakes in your claims which helps you get these claims reimbursed much faster as well. All in all, Kareo EMR is pretty wonderful in terms of allowing you to make things simple. 

5. Practice Fusion

The last software on our list is Practice Fusion which again is a great EHR software. Practice Fusion has a great feature that allows you to use the software from anywhere in the world since it is cloud-based. This feature in the software helps you access the software and be updated on your practice while on the go which is very important. The billing feature in Practice Fusion also allows you to reduce the amount of work you have to do to make billing. You can simply use the software to do your billing and make things so much simpler overall. 

Which EHR for your Rural Practice should you Get?

The software we recommend is whichever has features that serve your needs. Whether that is Healthland EMR Software or perhaps Kareo EMR. We suggest asking the vendor for a demo or trial of the software before you make a final decision about the software.

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