Most Prominent Lies & Myth’s About Weight Loss

Are you confused by everyday decisions about what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, and how much physical activity you require to be healthy? If so, don’t be depressed because you’re not alone.

With so many options and choices, it can be arduous to know what to do and which information you can believe. There is a lot of weight loss guidance on the internet. Most of it is either unproven or declared not to work.

Here we will list the top 7 most prominent lies, myths, and misunderstandings about weight loss. Let’s begin

Top Prominent Lies & Myths About Weight Loss

Weight loss myths

#1. Supplements can help you lose weight

The weight loss supplement industry is cumbersome. Various companies claim that their supplements have exciting effects, but they’re unusually very effective when studied. The principal reason that supplements work for few people is the placebo effect. People fall for marketing tricks and want the supplements to maintain them lose weight, so they become more aware of what they eat.

That said, rare supplements have a natural effect on weight loss. The best ones may assist you to shed a small amount of weight over several months.

#2. Spot Reduction Works

It is extensively believed that if you focus your exercise and weight training on particular areas of your body that you will be able to lessen the amount of fat in that precise area or region. In reality, there is no such thing as spot reduction, and instead, as you start to work out and exercise you will begin to lose weight evenly throughout your whole body

Just the same, another common myth is that a high number of repetitions will burn more fat when in truth, fewer repetitions with heavier weight will make you burn more extra fat in a shorter amount of time than a more number of reps with a lighter weight.

#3. Drinking Cold Beverages Reduces Fat

This is a very popular myth that is convincing if you consider the reasoning behind it.
The myth goes on to show that because your body needs to heat up the water, it automatically starts to burn calories whenever you drink cold water. This calorie-burning frenzy lasts until your body has adjusted the water temperature to be that of your regular body’s warmth.

While drinking water (at any temperature) is an essential part of any weight loss system, don’t count on losing weight just from drinking alone. Water helps flush out your body retaining you healthy and free of toxins, but you can not burn calories just by drinking it without a healthy & proper diet.

#4. Eliminating Food Groups Will Cause Fat Loss

This myth is a little confusing, so let’s set the record straight. Eliminating (or at least minimizing) specific foods such as foods that are high in sugars) should be part of your transformation into healthy eating.

You always want to reduce the number of high fat (low energy) foods whenever possible. However, eliminating entire food groups from your diet and concentrating on eating only one kind of food is not only very hard to stick with, but to maintain a healthy diet, you need a well-rounded variety of wholesome foods from all of the food groups.

#5. Low-Calorie Diets Are The Only Way To Lose Weight

Almost every diet out there focuses on lowering your calorie consumption and increasing your overall level of activity, and rightly so. The problem comes when dieters think that by dramatically reducing their calorie intake they will shed the weight and keep it off.

It’s necessary to gradually reduce your calorie intake so that your body’s natural system doesn’t move into ‘starvation’ mode, which triggers your system into assuming that you need to store food for a possible period of famine (this has been part of our system since the origin of man). You also need to watch out for a disruption in your body’s natural metabolic pace, as dramatic reductions in calories can slow it down making it harder to drop those pounds.

#6. You Must Work out At Specific Times

I’ve seen this myth circulate the weight loss communities many times over the years and while the “best time of day” always resembles to change, the fundamental idea remains the same: You need to work out at particular times for maximum results. The truth is that you don’t have to work out early in the morning, late at night or anything in between as long as you are exercising.

Concentrate more on maintaining a regular schedule of activity and less on when you get it done. For busy moms to business owners, being able to set a particular schedule isn’t always the simplest thing to achieve, so it’s great news that the real facts are that despite when you exercise, your body will burn the same amount of calories for the same workout despite the time of day.

#7. Eat Fat Burning Foods To Lose Weight

If you ever really find a food group or item that will make instant weight loss, please, let me know! Realistically, there are no foods that instantly burn fat, however, there are food types that can boost your metabolism (which will subsequently, assist you to lose weight).

Wrapping Up

If you’re attempting to lose weight, you may have heard a lot of the same myths. You may have even considered some of them, as they’re hard to avoid in Western culture. Distinctly, most of these myths are false. Instead, the relationship between food, your body, and your weight is very complicated.

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