Tranont Reviews – Are Tranont Products Safe?

The emergence of a worldwide pandemic like Covid-19 influenced people to be more concerned about health and wellness. Tranont has been in talks among MLM practitioners for quite some time now.

Do you want to make money from Tranont? or do you explore if Tranont is a scam or a legit opportunity to make money? Are tranont products safe? Here we will discuss about tranont reviews, compensation plan and finally the verdict.

First of all, we want to praise you for doing your due diligence and for sure, is the Most reliable Way To Avoid Scams Online and save your hard-earned money.

Tranont Reviews – The Overview

Company NameTranont
Website URL
Founder: Lorne Berry
Industry type:Private
HeadquartersUtah, United States
Founded year 2004
Type Health, Wellness & Wealth MLM Company

What Is Tranont All About?

Lorne Berry, the Founder and CEO of the Company commenced Tranont in 2004 in Utah in the western United States. Tranont is a network marketing company that gives you a chance to begin a home business, by making a commission on their health and wealth products. It is principally focused on health, wealth and wellness products. Tranont runs in US & Canada Only.

How Tranont Works? – Are Tranont Products Safe?

ICARIA Glow Collagen is a trademark product of Tranont, it is one of the rare products of the Tranont. It is a drink and comes in two flavours of Chocolate & Strawberry.

Tranont offers two kinds of products and services:

  • Finance services
  • Health products

In Products, the Company has credit products, wealth products, and tax products, amongst others. In services, they give tax services, Id theft protection, legal services, healthcare saving, etc.
In addition to the products and services, they also present health supplements such as Icaria Glow, Life, Vibe, etc as we mentioned above

Can You Make Money With Tranont? – Tranont Lawsuit

As a Representative, you need to promote Tranont products and bring other members to the Tranont. There are so many levels you can serve up to. Beginning with Associate, you can then go up to Executive, Financial Consultant, 1 Star FC, 2 Star FC, Senior Financial Consultant, later on to the President, and CEO.

But the MLM compensation plan is quite difficult, other than that to become an associate with Tranont you also need to fill an application

Tranont Compensation Plan and Commissions

There are mainly three main ways to get compensated from Tranont:

  • Get commission from marketing products to customers
  • Form a team of Tranont MLM recruits
  • Get rewards & bonuses from becoming a certified, licensed agent

The tranont compensation plan mentioned in the website of Tranont is quite complex. Tranont compensation plan provides you seven different ways to get paid. Examine more to find out the Tranont Compensation Plan the company offers

Tranont Compensation Plan – Brief Explanation

It comprises a Dual Compensation plan, residual income, seven commission generators and leveraged sales amongst other plans. Not all products make commissions. Any products that make commissions are allocated a PV (personal volume) value.
In order to qualify for the commissions, there are other factors like you need to be an ongoing status with 100 PV, along with your yearly membership paid.

Joining Tranont

To be an enthusiastic member of the Tranont group you need to spend an annual fee of $49.

Additionally, you will also need to purchase anyone of the 3 plans given below:

  • Base Plan (costs $349)
  • Gold Plan (costs $599)
  • Platinum Plan (costs $1499)

You will also need to spend an amount of $125 every month if you need to be acknowledged as an effective associate and thus make commissions that are being offered.

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Is Tranont a Scam? – Winding Up

Tranot is not a scam. But there are both positive and negative feedback about this MLM company over the internet. Some of the cons about this company are it has an A+ rating on BBB. You don’t have to purchase the Tranont products to support it.

Some feel it’s a fabulous opportunity and some consider it’s not a good one. What we could conclude from the numerous sources is that the company is a genuine one, and also the leadership.

The Company has been in the market for about few years now, so it’s absolutely not a scam. Opting for an MLM company while intending to establish yourself in the network marketing business should be a erudite one. On a concluding note, what we could access is that Tranont is a legitimate MLM company, including it’s leadership.

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