Visual User Generated Content_ What It Is & Why You Should Use It

More than 1.8 billion posts are uploaded on social media channels by users per day. Social media are the largest stream of visual content consisting of images, photos, and videos created and shared by ordinary people using social media platforms

When a customer or people share the content on social media channels instead of a brand or business uploading their content, it is known as user-generated content. But when it only comes to visuals like images, photos, and videos, excluding text-based content, it becomes visual User-Generated content.

But do you know why businesses are leveraging visual user-generated content? Why should you care about integrating visual user-generated content for your business?

Here in this blog, we will share some amazing facts about visual user-generated content and how you can derive enormous benefits for your business.

So let’s get started with,

What Do You Mean By Visual User Generated Content?

consumer-generated content is created by the customers and fans voluntarily featuring the brand and its product. It is the freely available content on the social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.

User-generated content can be created in any form like text, images, professionally clicked photos, videos, GIFs, blogs, articles, reviews, memes, jokes, etc., that convey your brand to the audiences without your efforts and investment in the content creation process.

However, user-generated content containing only the visual format of image, photo, and video is considered visual User-Generated content. It is powerful content created by customers or users on social media, bringing huge benefits to the brand in spreading awareness with the audiences that the brand cannot reach so effectively.

Some Important Facts About The User Generated Content

With the tremendous growth in the popularity of social media platforms, the freedom it gives to ordinary people to share content and instant reach entices users to share their content.
Here are some important facts about social media that tell you about the importance of user-generated content:

  • There are 968 million active Facebook users.
  • 400 million people are the active Instagram users
  • 316 million people are the active Twitter users
  • Around 1.8 billion photos and visuals are uploaded every day on social media channels.

With that, 500 million tweets are done daily on Twitter, 80 million photos are uploaded daily on Instagram, and 300 million pictures are uploaded on Facebook every day.

It is the amount of content shared on the major social media platforms daily, and the number is more enormous if we include the other social media players.

So it gives a huge opportunity for brands and businesses to find creative, attractive, and useful content, which is also beneficial to grow their brand and business.

Why Should Brands Use User Generated Content In Marketing?

People trust the real experience of people rather than brand content. For example, people are less likely to believe professionally clicked product photos than a social media post containing the product glimpse shared by their friends.

So here below are some mind-boggling data associated with user-generated content that you might consider to convince your team to incorporate User Generated Content in your brand marketing campaigns:

  • 92% of online consumers believe in the content shared by friends & family on social media rather than a brand message.
  • 50% of people say Visual User Generated Content is easy to assimilate and memorize than branded content.
  • 70% of social media users say that User-Generated content influences their purchase decision.
  • On average, 145 minutes are spent daily on social media by the users.

All these important stats open our way to embrace User Generated content to make it an important part of your brand marketing strategy. For example, applying Visual User Generated content in your marketing touchpoints increases the number of visits to the brand by 20%.

Integrating visual User-Generated content on your website will enhance the customer’s experience on your website, giving a perfect content blend on your website of brand-created and social-proof content.

Moreover, visual User Generated content will boost the customer’s engagement with your brand as a part of your marketing content. It also increases the brand awareness, authority, and authenticity of the brand, which are the most crucial factors to become a successful brand in this highly competitive marketplace.

Tools To Collect Visual User Generated Content

As you can see, visual-generated content impacts your customers and makes interactive sessions with your audience. To effectively collect and integrate visual UGC into marketing campaigns, you need the help of tools that help you gather and implement it successfully. So these below are the top-rated visual UGC tools you can use to enhance your marketing touchpoints, like websites, blogs, ad campaigns, digital signage, events, etc.

1. Taggbox

Taggbox is the leading UGC platform, helping various global brands effectively include user-generated content into their marketing platforms and increase connectedness with their customers. From more than 15 social media sources, marketers and brand managers can collect visual UGC using these platforms in a single click.

Features like curation, customization, moderation, and UGC analytics, make Taggbox a powerful and intelligible UGC tool to beautifully display user-generated content anywhere in the marketing sphere.

2. Tint

Another UGC tool that is rocking in the industry is Tint. It is one of the popular tools to represent UGC most creatively. It is an increasingly growing UGC platform in the marketplace, leveraging social proof of the brands.

Tint ensures their clients a vibrant and attractive visual UGC that only enhances the website’s content and user experience, and interaction with the website.

As 35% visual UGC is more memorable to people than text-based content, implementing a colorful window with Tint can enhance every piece of content and build high-quality content on the brand website.

3. Crowdriff

Serving the best UGC marketing tool, Crowdriff offers fully focused travel and tourism industry user-generated content. If you are a brand dealing in travel and tourism, boost inspirations and influence their future travel decisions.

Enhancing your travel marketing campaigns with visually appealing and moving user-generated content using the Crowdriff.

With this tool, you can represent visual user-generated content effectively, which increases customer engagement, interest, and loyalty towards your brand.

Wrapping Up!

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