Why Everyone Should Invest in An Air Cooler?

This summer offers few vacation opportunities, with restricted capacity on the beaches and in public pools. Even community pools are obliged to regulate access to these facilities by neighbouring associations. With this backdrop, it’s clear that we’ll need to be hot. We can use fans to relieve the oppressive days and nights of summer, but they only provide a minimal amount of respite because all they do is evacuate the already heated air. An air cooler is a solution if we want fresh air at affordable prices.

Traditional air conditioners are mounted on the wall and must be fitted by a professional. We must consider that the equipment costs quite a bit and that the installation must be paid separately; this is a significant financial investment. Furthermore, because they cannot be relocated from one location to another, they will only refresh the part of the house in which they are put.

Air Coolers, unlike portable air conditioners, work by lowering the temperature of the air through a curtain of cold water, delivering an immediate and direct impression of freshness. Because coolers employ a different technology than portable air conditioners, their cooling power is lesser, so we recommend using them for direct ventilation or in smaller places like a bedroom, study room, or small living room. To help you find the best air cooler for home, we have put together all the relevant information needed when purchasing one.

Features of Air Coolers

  • How they work:
  • Desert air coolers work through the theory of evaporation to take in outside air, cool it down, and then distribute it outwards into your room. They draw air from the surrounding area and combine it with the water in the cooler. The water evaporates due to the high velocity and pressure. The temperature tends to cool down as the residual moisture content increases. The created air loses its temperature as a result of the drop in temperature, and cold air is expelled from the air cooler. Desert air coolers have pads on three sides of the cooler that are constantly saturated with water thanks to the air cooler’s pump. The evaporated air mingles with the chilly water as it travels through these cooling pads.

  • Water level indication:
  • The indicator will let you know when you’ve filled the tank with enough water, reducing the possibility of overflow or spillage. It has a 4-litre maximum capacity.

  • Air Flow:
  • With a flow rate of 10m3/min, it’s ideal for any room or living room in your home, allowing you to relax and appreciate your surroundings on these hot days. Every 2.4 minutes of operation, the equipment will chill, ionise, and purify 100% of the air.

Advantages of Owning a Desert Cooler –

  • Clean the water tank:
  • The most important thing you can do to keep your air conditioner in good working order is to make sure the water tank is clean, especially if the water is hard, has too much lime, or is mixed with something else like air freshener or citronella for mosquitoes. It is recommended that you scrub the reservoir’s surface with detergent and a sharp brush to properly clean it and avoid dirt from harming the drainage system or clogging the cooler in the future. Ensure that all stains and calcifications inside your evaporative cooler are removed.

  • Examine the mechanical components
  • Check the fan belt for wear and grease the motor, fan, and parts with a few drops of lubricating oil. This can be done before storing your evaporative cooler or during the following hot season.

  • Replace the cooling filters:
  • Because cooling filters are one of the most critical components of an evaporative cooler, they must constantly be in good working order. Dirty pads or excessive dirt are the most common reasons of equipment malfunction or early deterioration.

  • Cleaning of the surface:
  • Finally, clean the desert/air coolers outside. To do so, turn off the equipment and wipe the outside with a damp towel (not wet). You should avoid using harsh chemicals that can harm your skin. Although less crucial than the other aspects, the casing should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the best image.

Advantages of Owning an Air Cooler

Air cooler

They contaminate the environment less: This type of air-cooling technology produces far less pollution than an air conditioner. By humidifying the air, evaporative air conditioners use a natural cooling technique. As a result, CO2 emissions and greenhouse gas emissions are kept to a minimum. As a result, this gadget will provide natural and ecological air conditioning while also being environmentally friendly.

They provide significant cost reductions: These freezers consume 80 percent less energy than air conditioning systems. Its power usage varies between 60 and 180 watts, depending on the model. Furthermore, it is frequently significantly less expensive than alternative cooling systems.

They are quite effective: It may appear that the cooling they provide is ineffective, but it is not. An evaporative cooler may reduce a room’s temperature by 10 to 15 degrees. However, for the appliance to work well, the room must be under the optimal conditions listed above.

They help to purify the air: This system will ensure that the air in the room is fresh and humid since they require ventilation in the room and the air goes through their filters continuously. As a result, problems like bone pain and dry throat, which affect many people, would be prevented.

Manageability: Because these gadgets are portable, they can be moved from room to room. Unlike a wall or split air conditioner, for example, the evaporative air cooler can be readily moved. As a result, if the individual wishes to transfer to another room that does not have a cooling system, they may easily transport the air cooler.

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