5 Signs You Need a Patient Scheduling Software In Your Practice

‘Manual’ scheduling in healthcare results in inefficient time management and significant revenue losses. The only solution to this problem is opting for a patient scheduling EHR software. This helps in managing cancellations more efficiently and decreases income loss. Thanks to the built-in alerts, reminders, and notifications, which reduce no-shows by as much as 36%. Such software solutions take away the woes of schedule management and appointment booking not only for healthcare providers, clients, and staff members but are even more important for doctors and patients. 

Why does your healthcare facility need patient scheduling EHR software?

Patient scheduling software systems assist users to keep track of everything they need associated with a patient’s appointment to the clinic or a specific specialist. Nowadays no sphere can operate smoothly without automation. Automation inpatient scheduling minimizes the chances of double-booking and other errors which can occur when done manually, making the overall schedule management process smooth. With patient scheduling EHR software you can spot open appointment slots and cancellations efficiently without spending hours trying to oversee them. In this article, we have listed five signs you need to make the jump to a patient scheduling software, so you can make your work more efficient and bring in more money. 

5 Signs You Need a Patient Scheduling Software In Your Practice

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  • Your patients are frequently canceling on you
  • Some canceling is a part of every practice, but when it starts to happen on a daily basis, you have a problem. Patients canceling their appointments every now and then can really disrupt your daily schedules. It can also happen because patients forget about their appointments. 

    Scheduling software helps patients choose a time that works best for them, increasing the chances of them showing up. Such a system also helps you oversee cancellations and make those slots open for other patients. What is more, if your patients can schedule their appointments online, you give them 24/7 access to your service. Thus, they can schedule the available appointment slots even when your facility is closed and pick the most suitable time slot for their visit to your clinic. This is of pivotal importance as it significantly reduces the possibilities of visit cancellations due to a time conflict. Your patients having the ability to schedule their appointments bring those chances even more down. 

  • You find yourself double-booking appointments
  • If you find yourself double-booking appointments quite often, you have trouble keeping times apart. Unfortunately, this makes clients unhappy as well. 

    A patient scheduling system allows you to keep appointments straight and prevents double booking by offering you a comprehensive view of what appointments you already have and what appointments are available. The automation in the scheduling management process helps you avoid double booking and other errors which can be done by hand, ensuring a smooth scheduling flow. The software solution also prevents you from being lost since we can view all the past, present, and future appointments as well as keep the available time slots open for every patient. 

  • You don’t have time to focus on your patients
  • Finding yourself working on administrative tasks rather than focusing on patient care is another major problem you should not ignore. You start your appointment sessions later than intended and your patients regularly complain that you are running late. 

    Having a patient scheduling EMR software saves you time because you don’t have to spend your entire day scheduling appointments. In addition to this, you can make sure you have enough time to cater to your client’s needs. Your staff is less burdened, and they can focus on providing patients the best possible experience in the office. 

  • You fail to remind patients of their scheduled appointments
  • If your practice staff is busy reminding patients of their appointments, they will likely end up making calls all day instead of taking care of the patients. 

    Scheduling software can help you alleviate this problem. Most of such systems include automated appointment reminders, which can significantly reduce the chances of no-shows or late cancellations. Your clients will also appreciate the reminder. By delegating this responsibility to a software application, your staff members can have extra time to focus on other activities centering around patient care. This allows them to accomplish more each day without having to put in the extra effort.

  • You can’t find time for yourself
  • If you find yourself so overworked that you have to go through the entire day without eating or have to cut into patient time to use the restroom, you are not doing things right. You feel exhausted at the end of the day because you had to schedule back-to-back appointments all day.

    Scheduling software has you covered if you are going through the same. It can help you build in break times so you can find some time for yourself. 

    Why is automation important when it comes to patient scheduling?

    A patient scheduling software solution not only gives you convenient scheduling and resource management. It also provides you with helpful means of automation for your practice processes. It efficiently saves valuable time for your staff members. Reduces the mere possibilities of your patients not being able to schedule an appointment because all of your employees are too engaged scheduling other clients. 

    The time that your office staff can save with automation of appointment scheduling can be used by them for more important issues and pressing areas. Not only this, but the all-in-one scheduler will aid you to save all the necessary data in one place while analysing the process of preparing for the appointments.  

    Key benefits of a patient scheduling EMR software

    Some of the key benefits of medical scheduling software are listed as follows:

    • Administrative efficiency
    • Fewer no-shows
    • Time saved for providers, administrative, staff, and patients
    • Better schedule management and appointments gaps filling
    • Improved billing
    • Easier management
    • Better patient experience
    • Reduced labor costs due to automation


    Adding a patient scheduling EHR software may require an investment on your part, but the business you stand to gain will make it worthwhile. Such a solution can bring enormous benefits to your practice by letting medical providers and staff members focus on what matters the most: patient care.

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