Disney Plus: All the Best Movies Available to Watch Right Now

Disney Plus is one of the top streaming services for family-friendly entertainment. There’s an option for almost everyone. From classic animations to modern hits, Disney has content fans of all ages can appreciate. That’s not the only reason to like Disney Plus. It’s also home to a complete lineup of Star Wars and Marvel. It’s also home to an assortment of Nat Geo entertainment films.
It can be pretty hard to decide which movies to watch and which not when you have a Disney Plus subscription along with regular TV plans. Scroll down to check out what’s out there on this streaming platform:

Best Movies Available to Watch Right Now in Disney Plus

1: Soul

This Disney movie is about a jazz musician, Joe Gardner, who’s stuck in a mediocre job until he gets his big break. One fine day, he takes a wrong step that transports his soul into the Great Beyond. Joe, unwilling to die, tries to escape but he ends in the Great Before where the counselors prepare unborn souls for life. Oh, did I mention this happen right before Joe’s about to receive his big break as a musician?

2: Hamilton

Lin Manuel Miranda’s musical, Hamilton, is available to watch on Disney Plus. It has managed to win 16 Tony nominations out of which it managed to win 11, alongside a Grammy win.
It was so, Barack Obama, invited the cast over to the White House to give a live performance. For those who miss catching it live on Broadway, enjoy the liberty to watch it on Disney Plus at home anytime you like!

3: Raya and The Last Dragon

This Disney movie is a real feast for the eyes. The movie takes you to the magical land of Kumandra where humans and dragons used to live in harmony. However, Drunn, the evil spirit, turns the dragons and people into stone including Raya’s father.
Raya heads on the quest to find the last dragon named Sisu who can banish the Drunn and revive the people of Kumandra. Raya and the Last Dragon has been inspired by Southeast Asian culture, which is highly evident throughout the movie.

4: Free Solo

If you’re into documentaries, this one’s for you! Free Solo is a fragile character study of a man who creates the impossible look almost banal. This Oscar-winning movie takes us to the story of Alex Honnold, who attempts to conquer the famous “free solo climb” El Capitan.

5: Shang-Chi & the Legend of the Ten Rings

This movie is about Shaun (Shang-Chi) living a low-key life in San Francisco who is suddenly visited by goons sent by his father (in China) who has immortality and limitless power because of the ten rings.
Starts like Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Michelle Yeah, and Awkwafina make the movie even more exciting. Dr. Strange’s Wong makes an appearance too which is proof that the story’s about to get excited. Also, if you have watched this movie already, there’s a sequel in the making too

6: Fauci

Calls to “Fire Fauci” aren’t the only thing that has thrown Fauci into the spotlight. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease faced fire over 40 years ago in his efforts to combat AID. this adoring but enlightening documentary portrays how he’s used to remaining calm in the face of severe criticism. The film “is at its best when it draws comparisons between the two pandemics (the present and the past) that characterize Dr. Fauci’s career.

7: Holes

A boy (Shia LaBeouf) is transported to a work camp after being wrongly accused of stealing shoes. There, he is forced to dig 5-foot holes in the desert sun for no apparent reason. “Holes,” is a movie based on Louis Sachar’s novel. It’s set in a Depression-era but the movie is filled with charming quirks to lighten the audience’s mood.

8: Luca

One of the recent extravaganzas by Pixar, Luca is a movie set in a seaside town, following the story of a young sea monster who has the ability to transform into a human while he’s on the land. As he starts to get accustomed to life above water, he starts making friends and sets on exciting adventures, which becomes the summer of a lifetime. The movie is a very uplifting message. It’s a sweet sun-filled escape and is a family-friendly adventure.
There’s literally so much on Disney Plus to stream; not to mention every Star Wars and Marvel movie. Just pick a movie that’s worth your time and you won’t even realize how fast your day goes by!

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