How To Develop Your Own An On-Demand House Cleaning App?

In the present day, rapidly advanced technology has contributed to changing the lives of people. Technology is helpful to effectively cope up with their daily requirements. In this regard, there is rising popularity of on-demand service apps.

These apps are trending in the marketplace due to the increased comfort and convenience provided by such apps. The best part about these apps is that it allows people to avail the service online.

The same trend goes on for cleaning services. Now, people can use this service with the help of an app or a website. As currently Uber has made its name by offering different services such as handyman as well as package delivery, and so, the on-demand house cleaning application is a great innovation and proved to be helpful in this aspect.

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Why Should You Consider Launching The “Uber For Maids” Application?

Home cleaning is considered to be a time-consuming and boring task. In this busy world, people do not get enough time to clean their overall house. In such situations, the Uber for Maids app can be called a boon for people. This is specifically because they can get the best service related to home cleaning just in a few clicks with the help of this app.

Due to all of these reasons, this kind of service has become incredibly popular among the service workers as well as clients. So, if you are just focusing on starting your business, then the on-demand services industry surely has great opportunities for you. Not only that, but you would be able to effectively improve customer acquisition with the help of a house cleaning application like Uber. This is something which helps you to offer efficient services to a wider user base and that too at satisfactory pricing.

So, if you are running a cleaning services company, then launching an on-demand cleaning application is considered to be a great deal for you as it helps to take your business to the next level.

Basic Features That Should Be Necessarily Included In An On-emand Cleaning Application

If you are thinking about how to develop your on-demand house cleaning, then don’t worry as
this section will clear all your doubts.
While building this type of application, you should consider some of the most important things
like the basic features. This application specifically comprises 3 panels such as the Admin panel, the Service provider
application, as well as the User panel.

Below are given the essential features which should be necessarily included in an on-demand
cleaning app:

User Panel

  • Registration
  • First of all, the users need to sign up with the application by making use of any of their social
    media accounts. After that, they need to give the important details.

  • Notifications
  • The users get a message regarding the services from the app via. push notifications which
    include discounts and offers.

  • Bookings
  • After the users consider booking a particular service, they can consider reviewing the service
    details. They can cancel the bookings at any specific point of time they need.

  • Service Type
  • The users get the option to select their preferred services specifically from the available ones.
    They can search for the services in the application as well as choose those according to their

  • Payments
  • Once the services are completed, they should focus on making a payment with the help of the
    different options available. In this regard, they can consider opting for digital or cash

    Payment options (digital) specifically involve credit cards, debit cards, e-wallet, and UPI

Service Provider Panel

  • Sign Up Or Registration
  • The service provider panel allows them to sign up or register in the application. They have to
    provide the required details in it. Another way to sign up is by making use of social media.

  • Profile Management
  • They need to add their overall experience. All that they need to do is to fill up all their details
    and manage those at any specific period.

  • Receipt
  • The user can make the payment after the application generates a payment receipt.

  • Notifications Related To Booking
  • The application informs them about the services which include payments. Next, they can
    focus on scheduling their service appropriately.

  • Service Request
  • They can do effective management of the time slot as well as schedule. Other than that, the
    service professionals can consider requesting the users for service booking by providing your
    services with discounts as well as offers.

    Also, they get the choice to decline or accept the request based on the time slot.

Admin Panel

  • Management Of Schedule Online
  • This particular feature helps you to effectively manage the users, schedule booking along
    with the service professionals.

  • Customer Service
  • By making use of this particular feature, you can establish effective communication with the
    users by identifying their problems as well as resolving them.

  • Management Of Prices And Services
  • You would be able to effectively manage all the services as well as their prices on the
    cleaning app. Despite this, according to the requirements of the users, you can focus on
    updating the price-related details.

  • Assign Tasks To The Service Providers
  • According to the requirements of the user, you can consider providing tasks to the service

  • Dashboard
  • In this regard, you will get the choice to effectively manage every feature of the application
    which involves managing the service providers' numbers who are registered with the app as
    well as other important details.

Cost Estimation

The cost of developing a house cleaning service app is dependent on the functionality and
features that you want in your app.

Not only that, but it is also dependent on the app platform, app complexity, app developers'
location, and a lot more. If you want to get an exact idea, then you should focus on reaching out
to a professional mobile app development service provider.

Final Verdict

So, by opting for this type of app, you would be able to dominate the cleaning service industry.

About The Author :-

Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App design and Development
Company, helping global businesses to grow by Global Clients. He love to share his thoughts
on Web & App Development, Clone App Development and Game Development.

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