Naureen Azharuddin – Naureen Azharuddin Married Again?

Naureen Azharuddin: who is she? – mohammad azharuddin wife

Naureen Azharuddin is an Indian celebrity ex-wife. Following her marriage to the former cricketer and politician Mohammad Azharuddin, she rose to prominence. After almost a decade of marriage, they separated and went their separate ways. Keep reading to learn more about Naureen and her life.

Age of Naureen Azharuddin

Originally from Hyderabad, India, Naureen was born in 1971. She will be 52 years old in 2023. Being an Indian national, Naureen belongs to the South Asian ethnicity, as she was born in India. The parents of her mother and father descend from Indian ancestry. By religion, she is a Muslim.

Family of Naureen Azharuddin

As far as her early life is concerned, she has not shared much information with the public. Due to this, we are unable to determine her parents’ names. In addition, she hasn’t revealed if she has siblings.

A brief history of Naureen Azharuddin’s education

Her academic qualifications include a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Bengaluru.

 Relationship status of Naureen Azharuddin

The name of Naureen’s former husband is Mohammad Azharuddin. Her first meeting with him was when she was 16 years old.

At that time, she had completed her board examinations. Both were equally attracted to each other since the first time they met. In 1987, their parents arranged for their marriage, which was a Muslim wedding.

Mohammad and Naureen welcomed two sons together after their marriage. They have a son named Asad Uddin and a son named Ayaz Uddin.

Sadly, the family lost a younger member in a bike accident. Their elder son, however, follows in his father’s footsteps and is pursuing a career in cricket. During the year 2018, he also played for Goa Ranji Cricket team.

After almost a decade together, Naureen and Mohammad parted ways. It was in 1996 that their romantic journey ended. Mohammed and Sangeeta Bijlani separated due to Mohammad’s extramarital affair.

As a result of their divorce, it appears that she married a second husband. Naureen Azharuddin probably has two sons from her second marriage. Asad, her eldest son, only posted this on Instagram. “With my two lovely brothers,” he captions the picture.

mohammad azharuddin wife

Naureen Azharuddin’s social media

There is no personal account of Naureen Azharuddin on any social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. Nevertheless, she has appeared on some of her eldest son’s Instagram accounts @asad_ab18.

Naureen Azharuddin Photos

naureen azharuddin photos

Image source: From Google


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