Proving Medical Negligence Due In Neonatal Deaths

With advanced neonatal medical care, neonatal deaths continue to remain high. A simple mistake during childbirth may cause lifelong injuries to the baby. Worse enough is when such as baby dies.When an infant dies during birth, it leaves the parents with emotional pain. A future they longed to enjoy with the bundle of joy is shattered immediately after birth.

Where such death was preventable, this might be considered medical negligence.While the death of a newborn child is the most challenging issue parents can cope with, they may get solace in seeking justice for their child.

If your child died during delivery or immediately after birth, you may have a claim.

Loss of A Baby Due To Medical Malpractice

There are many legal questions to be answered by a medical malpractice lawyer. If you believe your child died after medical negligence, you can seek legal help from the best law firm in Alaska.

There are many causes of neonatal deaths. While not every case may amount to negligence, some issues are evidence to prove that the doctor or the hospital was negligent for such deaths. Some of them include:

  • Infections from the mother:
  • The correct self-care information to the mother during and after death is crucial to any baby’s survival. Though it helps, much more is needed on information about mothers’ infections. Some infections are transmitted from mother to child during birth. Examples include syphilis, sepsis, etc. Other conditions may be caused by environmental factors such as tetanus.

    Some of the neonatal deaths from such infections can be averted through simple procedures such as maintaining proper personal hygiene. Also, timely medical intervention can greatly minimize such infections.

  • Neonatal infections:
  • Neonatal infections also take up a weighty proportion of deaths. Neonatal may acquire early onset of infections that could result in a delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis. Some of these infections include diarrhea, neonatal tetanus, meningitis, etc.

  • Birth asphyxia:
  • his results in a lack of oxygen to the brain before, during, or even after birth. While this may happen without anyone noticing, there are few chances that an experienced medical doctor may detect such.

    The harm leading to death may depend on how long the baby never had enough oxygen, whether the level administered was slow, and whether the doctor quickly offered treatment after noticing.

  • Congenital malformation:
  • These are congenital disability or congenital anomalies that could emanate from environmental conditions, infections, nutrition, and genetics, among others. Some of these anomalies can be prevented.

    A doctor may be held liable for failure to screen the mother or the newborn for infections. This is possible with proper screening of blood or issue such as heart defects. Especially where there are genetic issues

  • Trauma:
  • One major cause of the trauma is traction or compression during birth. When this happens, it may cause injuries leading to neonatal death.

    If you believe your child died under the hands of a trusted professional due to negligence, you may have a claim. You may seek help from a lawyer who understands birth-related medical malpractice cases.

According to studies, most neonatal deaths are preventable. Thus, there are chances that your claim may be valid.

You Can Make A Compensation Claim

If your baby died during or after birth and you believe the cause to be negligence, you may have a claim. The claim is to be filed by the parents.One should define how the doctor in question failed to provide adequate medical care to the baby or the mother.
For your claim, you have to demonstrate that a doctor or a hospital’s actions were sub-standards and this led to the baby’s death. Medical malpractice claims connect with wrongful death claims, meaning that you can file a wrongful death claim for any death resulting from medical malpractice.

This may be legally complex, requiring you to have an experienced personal injury lawyer guide you on the best legal steps to take.
Your lawyer can advise you whether it makes sense to file both claims. Where possible, this will amount to more excellent awards for damages. However, for such, you may need to be aware of damage caps
According to Alaska medical malpractice laws, the damages may rise for medical malpractice cases involving wrongful deaths.
Getting an experienced lawyer will help you get a detailed understanding of how to prove the standard of care and how it leads to your baby’s death.

It’s worth noting that not every case may amount to negligence. Some causes of neonatal death are unexpected. Thus, it won’t be easy to come up with a successful case without legal representation.
While compensation awarded won’t bring back such young life, it would go a long way to help you cater for any expenses incurred during pregnancy or birth. You will not need to dig in your pockets for the mistakes of others.
Where you may have questions related to your neonatal death, you may consider having a good lawyer handle your case. As such, you can be assured of success for your valid claim

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