The Ultimate Guide To Write SEO Friendly Content

SEO friendly content for most newbies in the digital marketing field is keyword optimization. While that is one part of it, there are various factors as well that needs attention. Why else do you think that few pages rank on the first page while others in the 9th or 10th position in SERP? ( Search Engine Result Page )

While some take a few months to get indexed on the first page, others fail to reach the first page of the SERP even after s many years. What you need to realize is that SEO is an involved process that is best left with the experts at a content marketing agency catering SEO Content Writing Services.

So we will get into the topic on the ultimate guide to write SEO Friendly content

The Ultimate Guide to write SEO Friendly Content

#1. Keyword Research

The first step to write SEO Friendly content is by examining keywords that are both important to your target audience and common search terms. The perfect combination of keywords includes one primary keyword and a few secondary long-tail keywords. There are several free SEO tools like Google Keyword PlannerAhrefsMoz for this purpose.

#2. Search for the Relevant Topic

Choosing the keyword is not enough. The next critical step is to find a suitable trending topic that your target audience may be engrossed in reading. You can make use of SEO Content writing tools like BuzzSumo for this purpose.

#3. Word Count

The number of words performs a necessary role in SEO. While more precise content below 500 words is more shareable on social media, Google recognizes 1500 worded articles as quality content with value.

#4. Create a Unique Quality Content

Not only does the Search Engine has an eye for excellence and quality, but it also examines copying as a crime. Once you are found with plagiarism, your website gets a punishment or we can say in terms of penalty, and the ranking of your page becomes extremely low. So make sure that you create a unique high-quality plagiarism free content that random content writers may not provide. Make use of free content plagiarism checker tools available on the Internet like Small SEO Tools Plagiarism checkerQuetext and much more tools

#5. Give Proper Headings and Subheadings

Readability is another factor that influences the ranking of a page. Using Heading and Subheadings like H1, H2,.. etc improves readability and ranking in the Google grid. Always try to include your primary keywords on the Header tags to get your webpage ranks higher.

#6. Keyword Optimization

One of the fundamental parts of writing SEO friendly content is Keyword optimization. According to the Yoast SEO plugin of WordPress, the perfect keyword density on a page is somewhere between 0.5% to 2.5%. However, few SEO experts believe in using keywords as many times as possible freely, without making it look like Keyword crowding.

#7. Add links

Adding links in the content looks trustworthy. Google believes in putting both external and internal links to make the content look credible. From the SEO Perspective building, backlinks are one of the important factors to gets your website rank higher 

#8. Make it Sharable

While website positioning on Search Engine may require may take some time, shareable content may get listed on Search Engine faster. If content goes popular on social media, then the search engine makes it as a signal and starts recognizing the material to be liked by users and thus starts ranking it.

#9. Use Tools for Content Optimization

Before publishing or posting content, always check the writeup for optimization using various SEO tools available for free online like Grammarly, Copyscape, etc. to find the readability, grammar, and uniqueness of each of the articles provided by them for the most excellent quality.

#10. Add Relevant, Optimized Images with Tags

Did you know images represent a role in SEO as well? Have you seen the tags used to represent a picture? If you use your keywords on the image, you will start seeing the image in the Google images bringing more people and clicks and ultimately taking the rank of the page high. The size of the image also influences the SEO; an optimized format holds the loading time of the page less, making it a more useful search engine optimized.

While the above steps look easy, it becomes hard for businesses to leave their primary business to focus on the quality of content production. Thus, you can simply choose to rely on a content marketing agency like AB Blogging Free Guest Post instead, for better quality, effectiveness, results, and save time.

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