Try to Avoid Some Usual Mistakes While Using Vaporizers

Vaporizers have become more prevalent in recent years as a way of consuming cannabis or other substances without the harmful effects that cigarettes produce on the body, such as lung cancer or bronchitis.
But how well do you use your vape? This article covers the common mistakes you are most likely to make as a newbie vape lover and how you can be free of them. Read on.

1. Watch out for counterfeit products- they could be dangerous.

Counterfeit vaporizers are dangerous/ toxic. There have been several occurrences where fake products have exploded or burned, causing severe injury to the user. You should always buy your wax vaporizers from a trusted vendor who guarantees authenticity for your equipment and accessories, especially if you want to purchase a portable vape pen. Buy only through authorized resellers on reputable online sites.

There is an easy way to determine the authenticity of vaporizers- You can check for the serial number and other details engraved on the body. Only a reputable dealer will always provide you with original product information, including manuals, warranty cards, etc. Counterfeit products may not have this information, and you may not even be aware that you have purchased a counterfeit vape pen.

Importance of reading the instructions on your mod to know how to charge it and refill the tank

This is the first and most vital step that you can take to protect yourself from substandard materials when using your vaporizer. If you are not sure about using a particular vaping device, be sure to read all instructions carefully before charging or refilling your tank. If in doubt, you should contact the seller for advice or, better still, contact the manufacturer.

Also, you should make sure that you are using a suitable charger to charge your vape pen. If you use the wrong battery charger, you could burn out the USB port or ruin the vaporizer permanently. You could even hurt yourself if there is an explosion due to incorrect charging

Don’t fill up your tank beyond the maximum level- You don’t want to mess with leaking!

Vape juice leaks from tanks when they have been filled up above the recommended level of liquid in them. These leaks are not only messy but also dangerous as you could end up burning yourself if you get close enough. Check your refillable tank regularly and ensure that you do not fill it beyond the recommended level. You can avoid this confusion by using vaporizers that are easy to fill up or tanks with clearly marked maximum levels.

Avoid keeping your vaporizer in your pocket, especially while it is on.

This could be a recipe for disaster! It would be best if you never kept your vaporizer in your pocket while it is on. The high temperatures could melt the tank or the battery, causing severe injury to you. You should also avoid keeping it in a bag as this increases the risk of getting hot or damaged and exploding!

Store your unused vape pen away from children

It would not be good if little hands came in contact with a hot battery. It would help if you used appropriate safety measures to avoid any accidents. Keeping your dab rig away from children will ensure that the kid does not get hurt if there is an accident.

Ensure that there is liquid in your clearomizer before vaping, or else it will burn out quickly!

This is a rookie mistake that you can avoid. You could end up damaging your vape pen if you try to use it when liquid is not present in the tank. A dry clearomizer will burn out quickly and can even explode, causing severe harm to you and anyone around you!

Use lower temperatures for thicker vapor clouds; higher temperatures create thinner vapor clouds!

You should always check the instruction manual for information on how to change the temperature setting. The temperature control feature is meant to deliver an experience customized to your personal needs and preferences. Keeping temperatures constant in a small range will ensure optimum performance from your vape pen and reduce the wastage of e-liquid or material.

Be careful when using high VG content juices because they can break down plastic tanks more quickly than PG juices.

Different flavors and vapor densities require different vaping temperatures. Vaping at very high temperatures could burn through your tank or clearomizer more quickly. This is especially true if you use a juice with a high VG content.
Many vapers prefer using e-liquids with higher concentrations of propylene glycol as it produces thicker clouds and is better suited to prolonged use.
You should take care when using high VG content juices, especially if you choose tank-based vaping with a plastic chamber.
You should also avoid keeping your vape pen at high temperatures for long periods or constantly changing the temperature setting, as this could make your tank melt faster than usual.

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