Why You Should Prefer HDB Renovation Contractors Over Local Ones?

While planning the renovation of the residential and commercial properties, the first and most important thing is to hire a good remodelling contractor. Local contractors may seem cheap and affordable, but they come with a compromise of quality. Moreover, they can even damage the property as their workers lack skill and experience.

On the other hand, HDB renovation contractors are a reliable renovation option. Various government authorities in Singapore certify them to work on home and office remodelling. They work following the prescribed guidelines facilitating the safety of the respective property and the workers. Similarly, there are multiple reasons to choose an HDB registered contractor over a local one. We have mentioned a few below; let’s take a look.

Reasons To Choose HDB Renovation Contractors Over Local Ones

No Irregularities and Damage During Renovations

HDB registered contractors are familiar with the government guidelines and methodologies that ensure property safety. Consequently, they cause no damage to the property during the renovation process. It cuts off the unnecessary cost and time required to repair the damage. Moreover, they keep the workers’ safety a top priority, avoiding any accident or injury at the project site.

Furthermore, HDB contractors have good industry experience working on multiple projects. For this reason, they are aware of the best practices that fetch fast and assure satisfactory results from renovations. Hence, you get what you want from the remodelling work. HDB contractors properly communicate with the property owners to avoid any sorts of irregularities in the project.

Compliance With Government Policies

HDB contractors strictly follow the government prescribed rules and regulations. Because if they violate them, the authorities impose several penalties on them. Moreover, if an HDB-certified contractor repeatedly breaks the rules, government organisations can even cancel their licence. It means they get removed from the list of HDB-approved contractors.

For the above reasons, HDB contractors maintain a high quality of their work and operate according to the respective rules and regulations. It offers you peace of mind and a hassle-free renovation experience as the possibilities of anything going wrong are negligible. After hiring an HDB contractor, you can ensure good finish and quality in the remodelling project.

Cost-Effective Renovations

HDB contractors offer budget-friendly remodelling work while maintaining good quality. They have the experience and expertise required to complete a project before the deadline, well within the estimated expense. As they have established good connections in the market, they can arrange the equipment, material, and workforce at better prices than their competitors.

Contrarily, local contractors can’t offer these perks to the clients. They get the required materials at a high price. To manage their expenses and remain profitable, they compromise the work quality. They stretch the remodelling work to more days than what’s estimated. This way, they can charge the client more and generate profit.

Thus, one must avoid the local contractors because they seem budget-friendly, but they charge the customers more indirectly. In short, HDB contractors offer you the best value for your money when it comes to renovations.

New and Updated Renovation Practices

The remodelling industry is constantly evolving, and new practices and techniques regularly become part of the mainstream. To stay relevant in the industry, HDB-registered firms keep updating their offerings and adding new things from time to time. Thus, if a client wants new and modern elements in the renovations, direct contractors are the suitable choice.

Although local contractors also promise to deliver new and modern style renovation projects, they lack when it comes to finishing and quality. So, even if the local contractors implement the desired elements, they can never match the work delivered by the one who is certified by HDB.

Seamless Management of Approvals and Permits

The application for the renovation of a particular property goes through multiple legal and administrative formalities. Besides, there is a lot of paperwork and documentation that an individual has no idea about. Local contractors provide remodelling services, but they don’t deal with other formalities. As a result, the clients have to manage all the formalities on their own.

Dealing with all the documentation on your own is not a great idea. Because there are high chances that an inexperienced person will miss some document or the other in the file. If such a thing happens, the whole process needs to be followed again from the very beginning. It leads to wastage of both time and effort.

HDB-certified contractors deal with all the documentation and legal proceedings on your behalf. They exactly know which file needs to submit to which office and all the other details about the whole procedure. As they have years of experience dealing with similar processes, they can get them completed for you in minimum time.

Discounts and Offers

Most HDB contractors offer attractive discounts on their services. They provide multiple services bundled in a single package that is very affordable for the clients. Moreover, their services come with guarantees and insurance. Thus, the contractors are responsible for any damage or accidents happening on the project site. On the contrary, local contractors don’t offer all these perks, making the HDB registered ones an obvious choice.

Professionalism in Work

One can notice the professionalism in the work of an HDB-certified contractor. From quality equipment to expert workers, everything is top-notch. HDB contractors always give their best to create a good market value and compete with other contractors. Their focus is to develop trust and reliability among the clients, which is beneficial for their business. For this reason, they offer more high-quality services than local contractors, which also reflects in their work ethic.

Local contractors don’t get enough projects, so their main focus is to convince the clients. Therefore, they offer their services at a lower price and compensate for the expenses by using cheaper and low-quality materials in the renovation.


After going through the above points, one can easily conclude that HDB contractors, in all aspects, are better than their local competitors. When planning for remodelling, it is wise to spend money on one of the HDB home renovation contractors in Singapore to get satisfactory results.

Moreover, you get good finishing in the renovation work, delivered according to the pre-decided timeline. Local contractors may be cheap, but they can give you many unpleasant surprises related to delayed and poor quality work.

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