Free Online Plagiarism Remover Tools in 2022

When writing a research paper, article, or blog post. Plagiarism is always a concerning matter regarding the quality of the writing. You have to deliver unique and comprehensive content to dodge the penalization from search engines.

Even professional writers may fall under the allegation of plagiarism since they also perform research online and compile information in their work.

In that case, rewriting the content is one of the most effective ways to remove plagiarism. With the help of plagiarism-removing tools, you can precisely rewrite content.

This article will present free online plagiarism remover tools to make your content unique and plagiarism-free. We will discuss the features of each tool to define how they are distinctive from each other.

How do Plagiarism Removing Tools work?

Plagiarism removing tools take the original content and reword it to make it free from plagiarism. It changes specific words and phrases with accurate synonyms that fit the content.
These tools perform the rewriting technique powered by AI technology to maintain the original structure and meaning of the content.
A plagiarism-removing tool is programmed to convert your text by preserving its original meaning and adding relevant synonyms in place of specific words.

5 Free Online Plagiarism Remover Tools

You might have to pay to remove plagiarism, but here we present some tools that will save you time and budget by removing plagiarism for free.

  • Plagiarismremover
  • The name of this tool pretty much defines its working as it removes duplicated content from a research paper, articles, blog posts, or any written material.
    This tool is ideal if you want to check an excessive amount of words for free. No need to sign up either; you can access this tool’s features as a guest user.
    You can remove plagiarism using various languages and you can also select a specified mode to rewrite. The interface of this tool is relatively easy to understand and use.
    Paste the content directly or choose the “Upload File” option to remove plagiarism by using this plagiarism remover. There is no limitation on word count, so you can use this tool without any hassle.

    Once the tool has removed plagiarism from your content, you can choose to directly copy the output text or download it as a document file.

  • Spinner Chief 7
  • Spinner Chief is an online tool that rewrites your article to make it unique and readable for your audience. The content paraphrased by this tool is assured to be plagiarism-free which means that it will not be flagged by the search engine.

    This tool uses Artificial Intelligence to process natural language written by human beings as it understands the context of written work.
    The statistical replacement technology assures the replacement of the most accurate synonyms for certain words and phrases following emulated natural language processing.
    Using this tool, you can get an excellent writing experience with its integrated grammar fix option. It supports 20 different languages to remove plagiarized content and gives you the best set of synonyms for each one. So, you don’t have to translate the content to remove plagiarism.
    Spinner Chief is a web and desktop-based application that offers free and premium versions for plagiarism removal.
    The free service allows quick and accurate rewriting service sufficient for plagiarism removal from a limited word count.

  • Spinbot
  • Spinbot is an automated online rewriting tool that makes your content more readable by replacing certain words with their alternative synonyms. This tool is good for marketers and bloggers due to its free and quick service.

    This tool allows you to spin up to 10,000 words without a sign-in or paid subscription. With one click, this tool will present unique content with readable sentences.
    The ideal thing about this tool is that it maintains the optimization by retaining the original keywords in the sentences. This tool suggests brainstorming new ideas for creating unique, readable content.
    The rewriter for removing plagiarism is free, which means you don’t have to sign up or pay anything to remove plagiarism from the content. But there are various options and features you can avail of under a paid subscription if you want to create content from scratch.

  • CoderDuck
  • It seems a strange name for an online tool, but it works sufficiently well to deal with excessive duplication in your content. CoderDuck is a free online rewriting tool that allows rewriting an article in different languages.

    This tool is yet another option if you want to remove plagiarism for content free. There is no limit on word count, and you don’t have to register as a paid user either.
    This tool ensures to rewrite every article with at least 90 percent free of plagiarism.

  • Spin Rewriter
  • Natural Language Processing has enhanced tools to follow a more accurate approach to deliver human-level accuracy with article writing. Spin Rewriter is a product of NLP technology.
    This online tool can rewrite plagiarized content in bulk with many perks like stock photo integration and mass content export.

    This tool ensures maintaining overall uniqueness by delivering options to create unique written and visual content.
    This tool lets you compare the newly written text with its older version. This option is an educational feature as students can learn about new terms and techniques for writing content in a unique way.
    This tool offers a five-day free trial upon registration and unlimited access to remove plagiarism or rewrite articles. But you will have to avail a paid plan once the trial is over.


    Online plagiarism removal tools are convenient to use for those who are not familiar with the rewriting technique. These tools rewrite the content so that it reduces or eliminates plagiarism.
    Various rewriting tools have limitations; thus, it becomes difficult to find one that fits your needs. The tools we presented in this article are suitable for every niche, and their free access allows everyone a chance to try them. We hope these tools were efficient enough in assisting you in dealing with plagiarism.

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